Wednesday, October 7, 2020


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Email: donnabarr01 at gmail dot com

Zoom Meetings

I run 1-hour Zoom meet-ups, mostly for learning music, having a drink with friends to loosen up, just having fun.

I may occasionally run other sorts of art-related Zooms.

Nothing fancy, no pressure. Show off or ask for advice. Questions welcome.

If you want to see if I'm running any meetings, contact me any of the social media and email addresses on this site.

Monday, May 18, 2020

First digital on the new Acer

My very first digital drawing on my new Acer Spin 2-in-1, "Janis."

It still looks like my stuff. I have a tendency to use traditional techniques, even on the most high-tech machines.

This was done on the little Paint program that came with the puter. For learning purposes, it's perfect. Got me working with automatic hand movements very quickly. 

Not a lot of brushes or colors - but what do we usually have on our drawing table, anyway? You know it's just that little cup full of brushes and markers and sometimes scissors or a screwdriver).

Paint doesn't have layers or anything (although it DOES have a kind of 3-D option. Hm. I see the next thing I'll have to do is figure out the keyboard options for emojis. 😁 And now I have).

I want to finish up a project that's been having problems, and I haven't got a scanner yet. I had been using the library scanner, but welcome to the New Normal. That's going to be resolved soon, I hope (Thank the Spirits).

I seldom print out anything because - well, why else have a puter if you're going to be piling up dead tree scraps on your real desktop? The only reason I want to see anything Real is if I do a commission or send a fancy postcard to a Patreon.

I'm getting over an injured neck - thanks to the help of a good neighbor - and I want to give my neck one more day to heal. I think I just rolled over wrong in my sleep.

This little Windows computer shows a huge improvement over my expectations of 10 years ago (TTS). If you want a nice little computer for basic needs and a pretty nice tablet, all for about $700, you could do worse than an Acer Spin.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

All My Comics Online


The Desert Peach The Desert Fox's gay brother stays alive in the German Army and tries to keep other people that way, too.

Stinz For fans of centaurs, culture clash, German culture, rural life and post-apocalyptic normalcy.

Afterdead - all of Donna's Characters together!

The Desert Peach Extras Odd goodies featuring the Peach.

The Black Manuscripts, courtesy of San Diego State University Special Collections. Who have my life's work on 40 feet of shelves - including a lot of juicy comics authors have swapped and shared with me.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Window Plants 2020

Sweet potato, potato, black tomato.
With everybody thinking about growing at least some of their own food, I'm posting photos of my window green house.

If anything makes it, it goes outside in a couple plots. 

The peppers are doing surprisingly well. I think these are from seeds one of my readers sent me.

The sweet potato is the one I used to clip starter sprouts from. 

Sweet potatoes, avocado, and ?

No clue. Fan sent it?
The black tomatoes are the continuing generations of tomatoes I rescued from a drie-out plant in a tiny plot at the edge of a small Capitol Hill park.

The avocado won't get much of a life. It's being grown for the leaves, that will be dried and ground for a kind of filé powder. It's related to sassafras.

Next to it is a plant I have no idea about. Another sent in by a reader probably. I'll plant any old thing, labeled or not.

The wild tobacco is mixed with leaves from alder, mint, coltsfoot and raspberry leaves. I have chronic bronchitis. Medicinal smoke helps keep my lungs from tipping into pneumonia.

Sweet potato sprouts, wild tobacco.
The aloe is because we have a wood stove, and if you have one of those, you get burnt once in a while. Grabbing a leaf and squeezing the gel onto the burn sure helps.

It's not a lot of gardening. Most of that is masses of kale in the garden. We cook it in everything, for iron and calcium. Marinated overnight, it makes good salad.

It's about all I can grow up here without a real struggle. Slip point has a cold, dry, salty wind all summer, and is too wet the rest of the year.

Hello, fellow brown thumbs in uncooperative environments, everywhere.

North American tobacco


West window.

Friday, March 13, 2020


Hi, everybody!

I know I've got a lot of information about upcoming conventions, but all of them are only possibilities at this point.

Like Emerald City, the folks who run these conventions are responsible people. They're monitoring the situation.

I expect Olympic Collectible Expo to be at least postponed, because it's in the Kitsap Mall, and is much closer to Seattle, the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States.

There is another event coming up in Port Angeles in early April - that I don't know if I can share yet - and they are monitoring as well.

AnimeKat (the Port Angeles store and nerd central) and OCE on Facebook are the best places to check out what might be happening.

So everybody stay safe, wash your hands, sanitize all surfaces. Let's get through this the best we can.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

San Diego Comic Fest 2020

Pam, me and Ka-Blam
The San Diego Comic Fest is a heck of a show! 

Held at Sheraton at 4 Points in San Diego, it makes about 2000 people very happy. Everything about it is classic comicon.

First up is Pam Jackson, Pop Culture Librarian (She got to make up her own title) at the San Diego State University, at my table in the artists alley.

AND me in my Ka-Blam shirt. They are the best drawn-book floppy printer, and only about a dollar more per issue than '80's prices! High quality, friendly and helpful. You can't go wrong with the Blamster.

Girls can do that.
Diana Leto and I ran the "Girls Can't Do That" panel. We were told we had the panel only a week before. There was some scrambling, but we got our art files together, and with my moderator chops and Diana's tech expertise, the panel was fast and furious and funny. Audience member Buzz Dixon told us "this was the best panel" he'd ever attended, and took our picture. Mucho gracias, Buzz!

Mary Fleener did even better with the Underground Panel. Her, me, Roberta Gregory, Trina Robbins, Bruce Simon. QUITE the lineup. Again, well-organized, ran fast. At the end, an audience member threw a wad of cash at Mary and said, "Take everybody to dinner!"


That night we hit the Emerald Chinese around the corner from the hotel. The place was full of comicon folks. Drawn book people aren't racist OR stupid. Our table plowed through a mountain of goodies like savage badgers. It was so good!

Of course, folks show up for sketches. I did this little drawing of Stinz in a guy's book. And after 30 years, asked myself why a centaur would need a cane. Fashion, of course!

One of the best reasons for going to SDCF is to meet up with old friends and colleagues. Here we have Roberta Gregory and the Lustigs! 

John is the creator of Last Kiss, an hilarious series based on old romance comics he bought the rights to and provides with smart-alecky word balloons. It's a big hit, and for good reason!

Surf's Up!
This year's theme was The Two Rays - Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen. 

There were crazy old movie posters all over the big panel room. Thanks to the volunteers who put in so much time making it fabulous!

Here we have Robert, on the surfboard of the RatFink installation. It's built of slats and chicken wire and cloth and spray plastic. 

He also built this party-girl Medusa. Who else feels sorry for the Gorgon? She was just minding her own business when a guy showed up and cut her head off.

The art of war.
Robert gives her a Miss Comic Fest banner AND a glass of wine! She's one of the gang, now.

Appropriate headgear.
Here's Robert with an absolutely fabulous samurai warrior. A fully home-made costume. Cosplay amazes me.  These people turn out the greatest outfits.

Spider Cool
The guy in the samurai costume makes a different helmet crest for each event. They're plastics - he must be running them off a 3-D printer. I wish I'd asked.

We can't have a comicon this year without the Spiderverse. This cosplayers's outfit matches the carpet!
Finally, a starry character from a comic book I should know. Whatever it is, it's grand. It's covered with tiny fairy lights.

That's all I had time to photograph this year - there was so much going on!

If you get a chance, head to the SDCF. It's worth it. 

See you next year!