Saturday, June 25, 2011

Price's 1st wheelchair design -- and oops.

Okay, here's the first attempt at building Price a wheelchair.  I are sometimes all thumbs.

The original wheelchair design, with many markings and fiddlings.  Thank you, Maggie, at the Forks Ace hardware.
Um... ta da?  That doesn't look right.

Up and pushing around (complaining).
Oops. Back to the drawing board.
Well, after some more research and gathering of parts on the beach and at the Lion's Club rummage sale, I may be ready to have a go at it tomorrow.  At least Price was willing to move it around when I tried it on him.
We've pretty well accept that, after the heavy gut operation (and gods knows what possible growths may be advancing), that he's finally fading from us. He's sixteen, and had a good life.  We're going to keep trying to make his life happy.

We're lucky the weather has finally turned lovely, and we can sit out in the yard with him.  He's a basically tough, happy cat, and we'll do what we can for him.  He only wants fish now, and I'll either get it off the beach, in cans, or finagle a head and/or backbone from Ric the fish guy.

When I die, I want to come back as one of my cats.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Price Living With Bad Leg

Price's bad leg is dragging and making it hard for him to lie down.  So I put it up in an old-fashioned sling.

Because he's gotten used to lying around and feeling sorry for himself, we've been noodging him down the hallway to strengthen his good hind leg.  There is much whining and complaining, but now he can actually get to the litter box and the water without the dragging leg slowing him down.  We take the sling off at night, so he won't have a chance of catching it on things, or at least when he's without or supervision.  

Then afterwards there is purring.  Right now it's ling cod season, and I caught my first ling cod ever yesterday.  I have to fish when I can because Price loves fresh fish, and the Old Cat gets what he wants.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Price is Good for Now

Price and Leo on the couch.
Okay. Whew.  Here's the latest:

Price is 16 years old.  The lump in his belly is probably scar tissue from the operation (didn't find it before, because of the burn).

Only one of his legs is bad; the vet guesses an embolism, which isn't uncommon in cats his age.  This help explains a bad situation about three years ago, when a cat lost use of both hind legs.  Price is okay; he can walk.  Nothing can be done about it, but he's happy and gets around.
He's eating, drinking, doing everything he's supposed to.  The vet and we have decided no more cutting or desperate measures.  From now on, it's goodies and time in front of the fire for the old man.  

And thank those of you who had good thoughts for our old guy.

Price not doing well

Uh oh.  Price's hind legs are more wonky than ever, even though he's getting meds and massage. 

Just found a hard lump in his belly.  Hopefully it's scar tissue from the operation.  

Taking him to the vet today.  Hopes and prayers welcome.