Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clallam Bay Comicon Hoodie

Now we have a fancy new logo AND a hoodie

Our mascot's name is "SeeSee," and our motto is, "Who let you out of Clallam Bay?"

Carol Schultz, our local realtor, originated the motto when she saw me shopping in Forks and blurted it out at me.  It's what locals say when they see some of the more entertaining neighbors leaving the Clallam Bay Correctional Facility.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Emerald City and Norwescon

Don't usually go to a lot of conventions any more, at least in person, but gonna be at both this year, because they're only a week apart (thank you to the lovely Roberta Gregory and charismatic Bruce Taylor for letting me stay on their comfy couch again in the week between).

Emerald City Comicon : I'll be in the Prism Comics booth, mostly, as author (artist/writer) pushing my books AND playing booth monkey.

Norwescon :  On five panels for this one, and probably attending a bunch to entertain myself and pick up tips and stuff.

In between:  SEATTLE!  Shopping, making contacts, whatever. I seldom get back to my favorite city in the world, so now's the time to hook up, although the events above will probably cover it.  

Oh, and I have Clallam Bay Sea Salt and bath salts made with same.  Remember to ask me if you want any.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mini Class Repeats Due To Snow - and Stuff

Because of the Blizzard of January (a whole six inches) and other - um - stuff, the mini class being put on in preparation for the Comicon is being repeated.  And we'll have an event (oh noes!).  Here are the flyers for the Comicon and - wait for it - the Hoodie Contest: