Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Emerald City Comicon

Got back from Emerald City the day before St. Patrick's Day.

What can I say?  A good show, as always; sold lots of books out of the booth I shared with five other artists at the Cartoonists Northwest booth. I like sharing a booth better; there's always somebody there to watch our stuff and it's a party all the time.

Managed to physically see Leonard Nimoy, so I can add more steps to the Kevin Bacon game Dan and I have so much fun playing. It doesn't get me any closer to Boston Legal (George Takai playing pingpong did that years ago), but it does get me one step closer to Gunsmoke (be sure not to have anything liquid in your mouth before you go to this link).

Now, the best part of traveling: trying out new restaurants with Roberta Gregory

Steelhead Diner: poutine and smothered greens (that's Roberta's happy mouth).
Poutine:  flat, blah dish.  Supposedly extra-tasty with special gravy, sausage and cheese curds. But -- that may be our fault for sprinkling the white chili vinegar on our olive oil and butter before dipping in the scrumptious bread the restaurant had bought at the Pike's Place Market.  Or pairing it with the yummy smothered greens with Italian bacon and sherry vinegar (deservedly in the foreground).  We did rescue it by slathering it full of torn pieces of Thai basil we'd bought in the market. The chef said that in season it was served with truffles; that's right, put something earthy on something flat.  Coffee:  so very good.  Black as evil, but not bitter or oily.  Not a drop of milk needed -- and it's bottomless.  Then again, I'm an artist, and if the coffee's good, we're happy with the place.  No, the portions are not dinky; we always split, so we can pretend we're at the Bite Of Seattle as we walk.

Such as Sweetie's, the candy store in the Pike's Place Market.   The owner is the proverbial kid in the candy store -- that's him grinning after he discovered he could get mango sour-powder in Seattle.  We simply HAD to get us some Kookabura licorice, some salted licorice, and licorice all-sorts.  Yes, dears, we are fond of licorice. 

Northlake Hawaiian Barbecue:  That's Roberta and her guy, Bruce Taylor, digging into home-style Hawaiian comfort food, pork lau-lau and pork adobo (and each other's plates).  Very clean, but very tasty.  I never thought I'd like poi or slices of fried spam in my ramen soup.  Even the plain rice and coconut pudding are delish; the latter bounces with flavor.  They bring you a tray of assorted teas -- I always let Pele choose -- and then run by every once in a while to replenish the hot water.  This may not mean much to you, but I'm terminally thirsty, especially after walking all over downtown Seattle with Roberta.  Where is this place?  At the bottom of Yesler and Boren.  It is a most unprepossessing heap -- an ex-gas-station -- with all its charms on the plate.  Large dining room and deck in the summer, and they cater.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emerald City Comicon Poster

Look out for my poster at Emerald City Comicon (booth 610).  

The original art used to build the poster will be there for sale (unless you grab it first; $449.95 -- and there's only one).