Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Educating Hunters, One Brain Cell At A Time

Just sent this to President Walter "Bud" Pidgeon, Jr., head of the USSA

You can contact him too, with YOUR favorite comics sites!  At:

"Hi, Bud! Hi folks!

Just read about the action of the USSA at: Ellen Degeneres

Since you are being introduced to comic books, I thought you'd enjoy my long-running comic book series: The Desert Peach

Here's another one I heartily recommend: The Virgin Project.

And we can't leave out: Cuckoo.

Or the smashing: Colin Upton's World

And we can't leave out a WORLD of fun comics: Prism Comics

Welcome to wonderful world of comic books! It's more books, more kinds of books -- and more people worldwide -- than you can imagine. I recommend you look at all these sites. And imagine how many more there are.

Donna Barr
Regular ASPCA contributor"

Monday, April 5, 2010

Broken Heart, Small Soul

This isn't going to do any good, but I have to do it anyway, because every once in a while I have to try again. It's worn a hard rut of sorrow in my heart, and at this point I know I'm never going to get over it.  So if you've run into me and found me snappish, narrow-minded and sour, read the title on this post.

Soon after he went missing, I dreamt he met me at the foot of a street going straight up from the west end of the Fremont bridge in Seattle.  There is no such street.  I've even checked a Fremont street in Bremerton, and a Fremont neighborhood in Tacoma.  Thinking of him the other day, and discovered there was a Fremont neighborhood in Las Vegas.

If you can tell me what happened to him -- and prove it -- it's $250.00 bucks for you.  If you can bring him back alive, it's $500.00. 

There.  I've got it out of my system for another session of weeks or years.  And don't tell me to Get Over It; a local poke-into-your-life wanna-be spiritualist leader told me "We (him and his just-as-bad partner) can cure grief and guilt."  He's lucky I didn't slap him silly on the spot.