Monday, November 28, 2016

Captain America's Hotpants.

I'm an alumnis of Ohio State University.

There was another shooting of educated people, and this time it's at my university.

Ohio State sponsors the Bill Ireland Comics Symposium. 

I've watched as my colleagues in comics have gone to enjoy this get-together. I haven't gone, because I'm getting less well all the time and my art and books are at San Diego State Special Collections, which is a shorter plane trip, if I ever make it down there again. 

But since it is obvious that there is a war on the educated, am I going to have to go to Ohio State and the next symposium? In solidarity?

I would go without a gun, of course. Because I am not a coward, and the reason for having a weapon invented for war - to kill people - is because of fear. 

And I call upon my friends and colleagues to STOP trying to "get along" with these Nazis. These people hate the educated, they hate nerds, and they hate artists. They want us DEAD, and they've killed more than a few of us.

Do not tell me this is a "humdrum mass murder." One of the superhero people who was originally a friend of Facebook actually used that phrase, and tried to excuse the Confederacy and its contribution to the hatred of the educated. 

I also call upon my comics people - especially you Captain America fans - to understand that we can't just sit around and go after the historical Nazis. We have a more vocal and dangerous population of these monsters in our midst, every day. You need to step it up, look in the mirror of your country, and recognize and fight this culture for what it is - SLAVERY.

I don't need to make any excuses. I draw and write the Desert Peach, and now Afterdead. The latter being what happens when we "normalize" the Nazis. As America seems to be desperate to do, right now.

It is full-on war on the educated. It's Bleeding Kansas. We need to bring the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg back to the culture that wants us dead. Not with guns - but not with understanding, either. Because the only way to understand a culture that is still wanting to support its ancestral use of slavery is to call them out on what they are.

If nothing else that, if they need to go steal other people to work to death for them - they must be so lazy it's amazing they still know how to breathe.

In the West, the full-on anger that they can't just go and commit genocide on the Indigenous, that they can destroy native communities for profit, is the other evil half of our history. People are suffering and dying.

Captain America - Your Pants Are On Fire.

Just In: Fellow Put-Up-With-No-Shit Liberal Activist Lee Hillhouse just posted this: "Last time things didn't work out so well for collaborators."

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Emerald City 2017 - ONE DAY ONLY

Emerald City Comicon is HUGE. And at a show as big as that, we artist alley types just get locked into place and end up being swallowed up in the show.
Bringing the boys

So - this year, Roberta Gregory and myself are only attending - as regular walking badge-ees - on Friday, March the 4th. We won't be together all the time - we're not joined at the hip! - but watch for her as well as me that day. 

We have no specific plans, except to see as many colleagues and friends and just cool stuff - and panels! - on the floor in one day as we can. 

So at the end of the day, we'll be tired. I know I'd like a cup of tea and Roberta will probably be up for one, too. 

And - there are more small comics events going on outside Emerald City that year. Please let me know - contact links on this page - about any cool stuff any time that weekend. Prism Comics usually has a party, and last year there was a small artist-alley-type show downtown, that was an incredible lot of fun, full of the upcoming artists and their work.

Am I treating Emerald City like I used to treat sci-fi shows? Maybe, yes! But I'm bringing a lot more business cards.

See you in 2017! Ships in the night, stars and cargo.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

George Jartos Memorial Mermaid

A long-time cartoonist and member of Seattle's Cartoonists Northwest, just passed away.

This is based on his best-known cartoon. In the original, the water and land are full of garbage. It looks better in my cartoon because George helped change that for the better, although we can still see the smoke stacks in the background, smoke beginning to fade.

This is pen-and-ink and watercolor on paper - with just a touch of digital cleanup.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Science hag - Full color bumper sticker!

Here it is! The new version of my Science Hag bumper sticker, but in full color. With sun and stars! 

Hit the link to buy it!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Social Security Pays For Jobs

Beautiful corner work
That's right. The moment the Social Security came in, we started to fix up a house that badly needed it. We started funding contractors all over the place. Windows and roof, too, because we very badly needed them replaced.

So - if you're a small business and you want to keep that money flowing - and keep health insurance off your back - support Social Security and the ACA.

This is our latest - and pretty much final contractor (cross fingers) project. A new back porch. The old one was rotting away under our feet. 

We went with Burdick Construction. Dan Burdick is our guy. And we were happy to pass on the tax money we'd paid over the decades to him. He's the best.

New back porch - small & nice

Monday, November 7, 2016

ShortRun Seattle 2016

ShortRun Seattle audience hard at play

Best show yet from the all-woman team! Note the photo - only partial - of the herd of amazing artists, writers, all-creatives, pin-and-tschotzke-makers. The tables - even those crammed together, four artists to the space - practically sparkled with color, innovation and just plain fun.

I barely had time to zip around the floor passing out souvenir/badge-sticker/business cards for the 2017 Clallam Bay Comicon. 

I wish I'd had time to attend the drawing and animation events, some of them no more than a table and some floor and window space, but chock-full of action, joy and creativity. You notice I'm not using the word "talent," as though creativity is some easy magic spell. Creatives have to work to get where they're going, even if the power of that work is obsession.
My Resting Bitch face

Now for a work photo. Me wearing my Ka-Blam t-shirt. Because when I do that, and post it, I get another $10 printing money! I might use the war chest I've built up with this excellent company to put together a smaller, SECOND Afterdead collection until I get some more pages done. 

Now some photos of good friends and long-time colleagues. One of our new young compatriots said she was excited to be sitting next to the old-guard bad-asses. So let me show you some of the baddest! 

Here's Roberta Gregory and Dave Lasky, setting up, and revving up for this powerful one-day show.
Roberta Gregory - Dave Lasky

And here's Dave, as superhero as it gets on a floor full of originals and single creators.

I didn't get a shot of Linda Medley, who spent a lot of time at Roberta's table, next to me. :( 

I had copies of the new Afterdead Full-Color collection, volume one. Wesely and Ash, here, bought up pounds of collections including The Desert Peach, Stinz and the Afterdead collection. I'd like to thank Square-Up and their offline mode for making everybody's credit cards work without having to find working bandwidth!

Super Dave!
Weseley and Ash weren't the only people wearing great outfits. Everybody had stepped it up, wearing their best Seattle rain street fashion. A lot of nice rubber boots and some lovely embroidered hoodies.

Sadly, I missed both the Fantagraphics and ShortRun parties, but that's pretty much because Roberta and Linda and I ended up both nights at Roberta's,  talkinga and sharing stories and eating leftover Hallowe'en cakes, shortbread skulls and drinking blush wine. 
Wesley and Ash - best show customers. 

Considering the long drives and shopping I have to make both ways, and the intensity of ShortRun itself, it was just as well. And a lot of fun!Of course, everybody was well aware of the presidential election, and one girl showed up with a hat I had to get a photo of. You gotta love her wry expression as the Gringette agrees with the sentiment. 
Best political gear

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hallowe'en Party and Haunted House, 2016

Witch and bones, actual Hallowe'en
Hallowe'en and the Haunted House, in Clallam Bay. A party on wheels.

Started down at the Three Sisters of Clallam, listening to "Therapy Session," a local deep country band. No Nashville, here. The band was a mix of Viking/Kitten costumes. No Led Zeppelin, but good tunes.

Zombie clown and John Lennon

The Sisters and their family wore a clown theme. My formal zombie clown outfit fit right in.

As usual, there was a great potluck. It's all about food and music up here.

And then - the Haunted House! Put on by Hessmart, the little store-deli-coffee shop-liquor store. In the empty space next to their store. Yes, it's the Haunted Strip Mall.

Hallowe'en Feast
Me and John Lennon went together first, to test it out. And came back with tales of getting practically the piss scared out of us. The halls were long and frightening, twisting on forever, and peopled by figures who knew how to fake and follow. I was screaming and giggling, John engaging.

We ran back to the party to encourage/recruit/entrap other victims!

Then Dressy Dog - who had never been to a haunted house in her life, and was terribly afraid to - teamed up with other partiers Queen of Hearts and MaskMan, with Zombie Clown holding her hand, and went back.

Dressy Dog did great! She got scared silly, and said she felt happy when she was most scared. She was a very brave little dog! I'm using their costume names, of course.
Hallowe'en Home

And then John Lennon, who'd waited outside, scared us all again.

We headed back to the party, and more music and food. Favorite dish: Pink Lady. Basically, strawberries and Cool Whip, whipped up together. 

What fun! The Girls put on a great show every year.

And I wish the guy who played John Lennon would just stay in character all year. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Is Feminism Dead?

I remember when nobody seemed to be interested in moron mennists blind-siding me in an interview, asking me if "Feminism is dead." I'm so glad you've all caught up. Even Superman. Slow, but getting there.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Olympic Collectibles Expo 2016

$10 Ka-Blam printing credit!

Got up at 5:00 am, drive 3 (4?) hours to get to Silverdale, Washington, for the Olympic Collectible Expo 2016, ALMOST late. Still managed to get "Hader and the Colonel" into the raffle auction, and made a new fan happy When I drew in it for him.

You will note the room behind me, as I pose for my Ka-Blam t-shirt shot (to get $10 printing credit from the BEST floppy-comic POD company). 

A LOT of people for such a little show. They worked their butts off promoting this and put it in a very nice venue. While keeping the prices down.

Pretty lively room at Olympic Collectible Expo
This was a hot, lively little con. It wasn't like a mini-ShortRun, although it had some great food trucks (Taco Nation rules!). No, no tacos, but excellent dogs and pulled pork. 

Because I didn't expect so much floor action, I didn't bring enough Clallam Bay Comicon stickers/badge/souvenirs for everybody, but made sure each group got them. I made new readers out of superhero folk and met some old friends and launched some new comics authors (I HOPE!).

Some cool co-splayers, VERY cool new geek fashions, and just a lot of smart, happy people of all ages, in a fan world nobody forces us into. I enjoyed a lot. It's mostly just superheroes and a bit of space genres, but there's no reason those of us in other genres - or folks like me, with NO genres - shouldn't swell the ranks. I felt totally welcome.

I predict that, if this convention doesn't compete with Emerald City, it's still going to grow and - and - maybe branch out to Port Angeles, or inspire a con there and then I'd only have to drive an hour and a half to get to a very cool con!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Goodbye, Fearless

Our Fearless
Our cat Fearless passed away today. She was 16 years old. She was named after one of Hemingway's cat. She had a pretty good purr-purr, too. She went quickly, in Dan's arms.

She was one of the Potatoes, along with her brother Shadow. They looked and acted nothing alike. 

Our Shadow
They were two tiny kittens I rescued because otherwise their desperate owner and her baby would not get out of the cold and rain at the Bremerton Safeway, not until she had guaranteed both kittens had a home (which I suspect she no longer had herself).

One night, I saw Fearless on the couch with a shadow behind her. But it wasn't a shadow - it was her brother. And so he was named.

We called them both The Potatoes because, as I was dealing with groceries and keys in the parking lot, in the other hand I held them both, upside down, and their tiny bellies - the grey kitten's nearly pink -  looked like two potatoes. Now Shadow will be The Potato.

Fearless would yell at us every morning for breakfast until she was fed. it's sadly quiet at meals, now.

Fearless was a good cat. We're glad we had her, and we're glad we still have her brother.

Here's the original post about her condition.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Last Chance, Afterdead Blurb

Last chance for anybody who wants to do a blurb for Afterdead. You gotta be a working Creative, and you got to add your name and what YOU do. Here's the cover art.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Olympic Comics Expo - I'll be there

Here's the poster for the Olympic Collectible Expo. Share with friends! I'll be there.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Clallam Bay Comicon HOME

RAINCON AND THE CLALLAM BAY COMICON MAY BE RETURNING! If it does, it's coming back July 7-9, 2023, during Sekiu Fun Days 
Links to other Peninsular (Olympic and Kitsap) Comics, gaming, cosplay, maker conventions:

Because we lost our "convention hotel" (B&B) when the owner took a well-deserved retirement, and I'm the Fairy Godmother for SquatchConPA, Clallam Bay Comicon is on hold for the forseeable future. But I'm leaving everything in black below, so anybody who wants to hold their own comicon can copy the basics and use it to hold their own. Send me an invite when you do!

(If you're interested in RainCon's history, click  THIS LINK )


DEALER TABLES:   $25 whole 6-foot table: Contact at: (Whatever your contact is, here).

Dealer contracts: THIS PAGE. Payment cancellation deadline is May 1. You are expected to know and be responsible for your professional and licensing obligations for use of copyright, food sales, taxes, etc. Participants will help clean and straighten hall after show closes Sunday; keep the Lion's club happy!  

Volunteers: There are none, because CBCC is not a non-profit organization. You will get a table and two chairs.   Bring any equipment you need, including electrical wires and table covers.

Gaming and Cosplay: Quiet versions allowed in the hall. A large round table will be provided at the front of the hall for gaming. If you want to run a cosplay contest, provide your own recognition and list the time below.

PANELS, DEMOS AND EVENTS: Make one up, choose a time on the schedule at the bottom of this page, email details to: (Your email contact here).

Lion's Club building
It was originally here, but now the Lion's Club can be rented out during Fun Days for your event. Nice place, good prices.
Lion's Club
90 Bogachiel Street
Clallam Bay, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, United States 
PARKING: around Lion's club and in the clinic parking lot behind the club. See further photos for details. 

AWARDS: Your fans are your reward.

NECESSITIES: bring food, especially if you are on a restricted diet, and medications. There is no drug store or full-sized food store. The last place for these on the way are in Port Angeles. The Hessmart has snacks, basics, deli, coffee, and booze. 
Inside the Lion's Club hall.
Respect it.

AREA LODGING RESOURCES LINK for the Olympic Peninsula. 
For Clallam Bay, a good idea would be to rent an RV and share with other vendors.
Forks RainCon offers camping at 

HOW TO GET HERE: Driving from Seattle: Ferries, then highway 101 around Lake Crescent until Neah Bay/Clallam Bay turnoff at highway 113. Do not take 112 from Port Angeles, because Burnt Mountain is collapsing the road.

Olympic Bus Lines from Seattle to Port Angeles.                                    

Clallam bus "Strait Shot" (cheaper, faster!) Bus Schedules. Once in Port Angeles, catch Forks 14, then Neah Bay/Clallam Bay 16. Tell your drivers, ask for advice.

WI-FI is 24/7 at the library, right around the corner, also at the Visitors' Center.

FACILITY CARE: No tape of any sort on the wall. Respect the Lion's Club's wall displays. All with tables chip in to clean up at the end of the show. It don't take long; they love us for it.

LEGAL NOTES: Donna Barr is the only official Clallam Bay Comicon Administrator. 

Parents and/or guardians are legally 100% responsible for their children and/or wards. Everyone else is legally 0% responsible for those same people.

The Clallam Bay Comicon is held during the Clallam Bay/Sekiu Fun Days.  

FULL SCHEDULE (Takes place the weekend after July 4)


9:00 am: Open for set-up

11:00 am: Clallam Bay/Sekiu Fun Days parade. 

12:00 noon: Comicon opens to public.

Wanted: Kids Workshop. Cosplay contest. Please contact to coordinate your event.

5:00 pm: Comicon hall closes.

Dusk: Fireworks in Sekiu (Part of FunDays).


11:00 am: Open for Set-up.

12:00 noon: Comicon opens to public.

5:00 pm: Hall closes. All dealers help clean the Lion's Club hall.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 Clallam Bay Comicon Con Report

Fun Days climb-inside salmon (Leanne Franson)
First of all, Dara Korrati beat me to a con report, and my only excuse is I escorted our special guest creator, Leanne Franson, and her son Tautau back to Port Angeles before returning on the bus. Here's her report, and it's a fun one, with great photos of the con and the area - and links to her concert and recordings at the show! 
Me, Anna and Dara at the
Fun Days Parade
(Leanne Franson)

As usual, this is mostly a photo blog, so enjoy! Some of these photos are mine, some Leanne's. 

Leanne gets paid! (Dan Barr)
First of all, even though the campaign ended with the convention, we'd like to thank everybody who got involved with the GoFundMe campaign to help defray Leanne's expenses. You came through like champs! Here's Leanne getting her checks in front of the garden in my back yard.

Friday night, we showed "Bezango, Washington," with the permission of the directors. The film consists of interviews with Pacific Northwest cartoonists, and Northwest cartooning history. There were only a couple of local people, but one of them said she'd had no idea how huge the comics community was - especially in the Pacific Northwest. 
Roberta Gregory adding to Leanne's drawing
(Leanne Franson)

The con itself started with the Fun Days parade. We're changing the con starting time to noon, because everybody goes to the parade first. Didn't matter if it was raining, we had a great time anyway. We're not made of sugar, we won't melt (thanks, Mom).

Leanne Franson, our Canadian guest, was interviewed and filmed by Jason Roberts, who came down from Neah Bay specifically to promote this comicon. He really added to the show. 

Rod Espinosa, who couldn't attend, instead sent us a box containing his "Adventure Castle" game. I've never really gamed, although I've worked as a gaming illustrator. 

AC turned into a crowd-pleaser, drawing in adults as well as children. We played it whenever things got slow - which wasn't very often. Tautau Franson, our guest artist's son, was a very helpful game master. We've decided that "Adventure Castle" is the official convention game, and will feature at our show from now on.

Me at Leanne's table (Leanne Franson)
Last year, one of our librarians painted a Be-A-Superhero standup for their comicon. Her name is Pam Force, which we thought appropriate. We all had fun posing with it. 

Every year, somebody's table goes hot, and they make all the money and get all the attention. This year it was Dara Korrati's table, mostly because she had such a fascinating recording demo. Congratulations, Dara! Now run over and watch her singing her version of YMCA as "USSR," karaoke style, and hear us all joining into the chorus. 

Me, TauTau, my books
(Leanne Franson)
We're thinking, perhaps, instead of having individual demos or panels, we have everybody bring something cool they can show the attendees and other artists how to do. The tables are six feet long, so there should be plenty of room for books and CD's and the demo, too. It certainly seems to help with sales.

Social report:

I brought a box of spam musubi, which I'd learned to make in Hawai'i, and when I'd microwaved my own piece, everybody wanted one. So now I have a potluck food people like! 

The Canadians invade! (Leanne Franson)
Of course, after the first day's show, we headed down to the Clallam Bay Inn, where Cara - our favorite cook and barkeep - was waiting with the best fish and chips on the planet, and good booze. She wanted to know why there weren't more of us. We'll have to bring the fans too, next time.
Adventure Castle!
(Leanne Franson)

Afterwards it was off to the beach for the Fun Days fireworks in Sekiu. It was cold and cloudy, so the blasts got smoked over too quickly, but the beach fireworks made it all worthwhile. 

Me, TauTau, our official
con game
(Leanne Franson)
Most of the convention artists are local, and so could drive back home after the show, but Leanne and TauTau stuck around for the Dead Dog party at the Sunsets West Co-Op. 

I'd never eaten there, and was amazed by the fresh, innovative food and low prices. I had a burger "snack" that was really huge, and cheap - and Leanne and Tautau plowed through two helpings of bean stew, fried eggs and tomato salad. Not only is the food good, but you can step over to the store and choose chips, bread and drinks to add to your meal. And if you love the condiments, including locally-made hot sauces, or my sea salt, you can buy them in the store, too.
Dara's concert
(Leanne Franson)

The whole town sees us as adding to the local economy. We're welcomed and anticipated, now. No, the show will never be big - but it brings joy to the townsfolk, none of whom see anything wrong with nerds any more. So if we haven't done anything else, we've done that. 

Dara and Anna at
the Clallam Bay Inn
(Leanne Franson)
But - Leanne has hinted she might even be back in coming years. If nothing else, she's discovered how easy it is to get to Seattle, so perhaps she might add to some of our Seattle comics and other book and art events.

David Lasky has hinted he might do a "giant comics jam in Clallam Bay." I'm gonna help if he means it. He comes up to teach at the libraries - so maybe we can get him too!

The Dead Dog Party
(Leanne Franson)
The Clallam Bay Comicon will always be part of the local history, now, and our artists and attendees have all made that happen.

Leanne and TauTau on Slip Point
(Leanne Franson)
And now for the final shots - at the closing ceremonies on the beach.

NOM! Salmon berries & thimble berries
(Leanne Franson)

Leanne cosplays as the Canadian flag.
All our beach are belong to Canada.
(Leanne Franson)