Friday, February 12, 2016

Clallam Bay - West End Map

Map of Clallam Bay and Sekiu
Here's the map I did for the local chamber of commerce. Now nobody has to try to describe how to get to Cape Flattery and find every park, bathroom and cup of coffee on the way. The reason there is no color is so customers can use provided color markers to plan their own route and itinerary.

Map of the Upper West End of the Olympic Peninsula
The map cost the Sekiu/Clallam Bay Chamber of Commerce $1500. I had no trouble with them paying their bills up front and on time.

The map is causing great joy in town. Four Chinese teenagers used pink markers to line out their trip, then found out about Clallam Bay's dragon dance - and came back to help celebrate. The Sunsets West Co-Op gave them pan lids and other noise-makers, and they joined in. What made them happiest was that Americans loved and made their own dragon dance.

It was like that moment that healed relations between the US and England when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth ate hot dogs with FDR. "They like our food!"

It doesn't take much to make people happy. Everybody wants a pad of them for their business or family. I told the chamber they should sell them. I made my money, now it's their turn.

But I'm beginning to get this sung at me: "Mapmaker, mapmaker make me a map!"

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sammi is our Darlin'

Our Sammi - 18 years old - has diabetes. It's been rough and up and down, but he's hanging in there.

Today he claimed the catfood-closet door by face-rubbing, and smacked Kiki (the calico fluffernutter) in the butt.

So, good hopes.

He has no blood, so it's hard to measure glucose levels, but we're trying. I just have to remember to rub his toes really well before taking blood for testing.

He's possibly a Norwegian Forest cat, so we think the name is after the Indigenous people of Scandinavia, otherwise known as Laplanders. He was captured feral as a young cat, and is finally getting over his fear of blankets.

Valentine's Day 2016

Happy Valentine's Day to all Mine Folks - with creatures vaguely wearing the themes of my books.