Monday, April 13, 2015

Book about Bison - and Other Things

Bison sketch
Been thinking about this concept for a while. Here's the first rough sketch, marker noodling and first watercolor wash:

It's obviously the Paleolithic New World bison. There's a reason for that.

It's always complicated getting a project started. Children's Book? I don't think it's a comic book.

I know people say it looks like I don't even pencil before I draw, but there's a lot of background research before I get into a book, and I can move forward quickly.
Watercolor bison

Here's a more completed watercolor with marker detail:

I'll probably do a digital version, too.

There are a bunch of stories with a specific theme, with different animals and people. Don't quite know if I'm going to stick to one style - or fool with several. These days, there's so much artistic freedom, anything can happen.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Clallam Bay Comicon Guests

Since I have no admission fee, and tables are only $25, there's not much we can offer "guests."

Roberta Gregory, comics legend.
Since I've been in the biz so long, most of my friends are noted authors. This little convention is attracting fun professionals I wasn't asking to do anything - but being pros, they want to give panels and host sales tables, too! No Rest For The Creative. So here is the first guest for the 2015 Clallam Bay Comicon! At least I can pay them with fireworks and (if we're lucky) my home-smoked salmon.

Roberta Gregory

Last year's Clallam Bay Comicon best seller.
Legendary comic creator Roberta Gregory will attend with a good selection of her decades-long career, including several Bitchy collections, Winging It and everything in between. If you are not familiar with her work, you will find something for almost every taste in comics. Every book you buy gets a drawing by Roberta inside. Featured is True Cat Toons, her comic collection illustrating the true cat stories of ordinary folks and their less-than-ordinary cats, and if you buy a book from her at the CBCC, you will get a color drawing of your own kitty inside. So bring a photo! For more info see and 

Linda Medley - her own best model!
Linda Medley

Creator of "Castle Waiting," Linda is presenting not only a fascinating panel on how to care for your pens - and wait until you see her shiny inking toys - but may just be sharing previews of her latest project! 

She says: "I'm going to bring my big chest o' fountain pens and various supplies and have them at my table;people can come by and try 'em out (I have "demo models" so there's no worries) anytime they want, ask questions, etc. I'll give a talk about inking, a little history of pen'n'ink illustration, the economical and ecological benefits, etc. etc. Also, how about I use one of the drawings done in either your horsey talk or Roberta's catty talk to demo the pens on...?"

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Emerald City 2015 - Bestest Friends

Proof I was at ECCC 2015
In my Ka-Blam shirt, again. Told other artists at Emerald City Comicon about the $10 print deal for wearing and promoting the shirt. They liked.

Wow, what a show. Four days next year? Madness! But in a good way.

Had an infection that ALMOST canceled the show for me, but the right antibiotics for the strain of nasty I'd contracted finally put me on my feet for the 4 hour drive and the load-in. I don't count the ferry ride from Bainbridge Island - it's too relaxing. It's just the Road Trip.

So wasn't quite together a lot of the time. Those of you who saw me bouncing off the walls in Con Mode were watching the last sizzles at the bottom of the battery before I crawled back to my table - and at one point, under it. 

But I got to meet a lot of old friends and make new ones. Roberta Gregory was sharing the table with me, with her new "True Cat Toons." Bruce Taylor shared her half of the table as author AND booth babe, so we weren't so locked down. He was really in sales mode, and moved some books. Then again, he always is.

Didn't make a lot of sales - but that's not really what the shows are for any more, are they? Especially now, with the internet. And I was concentrating on promoting the Clallam Bay Comicon (CBCC). MIGHT we be honored with the presence of Linda Medley, author of "Castle Waiting"? We have Roberta Gregory ("Naughty Bits," and many others), of course, who is always a splendid addition to any show.

My "How To Draw A Horse Correctly" panel went well. I was a bit confused by the new overhead technology, and kept sliding out of the screen - tape the pad of paper in place next time! - and trying to remember how the old panel went. 

The original was called, "How To Draw A Horse Right, Damnit!" but ECCC Familied it up. 

I'm planning on holding it again at the CBCC, and if all goes well, it will be filmed and loaded onto Youtube, so you can all watch it.

At the end, those who stayed - most of 'em, I think - came crowding up to remind me I'd promised to pass out the sketches. And I gave them the "passes" to the CBCC - you know, the one with no admission fees - and wished I'd remembered my comics for the panel. 

One young man said, "This is the best thing I've been to all weekend!" which surprised and pleased me. A woman showed me her sketchbook, and it looked like she'd been xeroxing my sketches from the air! Not to give away the farm, but expect a comic book about Rome.... with the horses drawn correctly.

I should point out that my riding chops are nothing to write home about, so thanks to audience members who ACTUALLY know how to ride. As a kid, I just jumped on whatever woods colt was going and went off through the woods, while the pony's owner looked out the back window and said, "Huh. No horse. Must be off with the kids in the woods again." Rope bridles and hanging onto a mane are no substitute for the Vienna Riding school. 

I had SOOOOO much fun being able to yack with Michael McAdam (old friend and former Peach Pitt)​ at ECCC 2015. However, I apologize for making the man go red as a balloon in his face and almost choking to death laughing. He said, " 'I'm bored" should be on my tombstone, and I said, "No, I want the line from Desert Peach #3: "The slut used duct tape." 

New fabulous smart friend Meghan (booth babe and sound design) for the people by our table said the most dangerous words in the world are "I'm bored." Because I'd said, "I got bored and learned to crochet," while pointing out my new beret.

Damn' infection. I'm making all kinds of health changes THIS year, to keep me moving for upcoming years. The girl is 63 this year, but I'm not quitting. Not yet. Us artists and writers die at the drawing board and the keyboard, you know. When we're not out clearing potato sprouts out of the kale beds or catching the chickens trying to scam us.

Next year: Emerald City made purring noises about my presenting the horse panel again - and possibly, "How To Hold Your Own Comicon." Cross your fingers.