Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hire the Artist - RATES

Donna Barr is a professional artist who works in her own style. Please view her art gallery at DeviantArt to choose ONLY THREE pieces you absolutely love, to give her an idea of what you want. Do NOT send her illustrations of other people's work. William Blake is dead, and you'll pay as much as you'd pay an anime artist if you want her to copy that style. No barter, please. And only one person gets Friend Prices - because she's done so much for the artist. Email for further details. Note: once a job has started, this blog posting acts as a contract. "Artist" refers to Donna Barr. Contact

Basic prices (Including shipping, handling and insurance) (DIGITAL THE SAME AS TRADITIONAL):

For any single-color (B&W, etc.) traditional illustrations, in any non-paintbrush media (ink or pencil):

       $175 per 8.5 x 11 illustration. 
     $50 per quarter page.
     $25 spot illustrations.

Color or paintbrush (acrylic or watercolor) per 8.5 x 11 illustration:

     $310 per page.
       $95.00 per quarter page
     $65.00 for spot illustrations.

Hand-lettering per page: $175, in addition to art.

Comic pages:
     Black-and-white comic-layout pages are $275 apiece.
     Full color comic-layout pages are $450 apiece.

Payment shall be for 50% up front, to start the illustration. The final 50% must be paid after approval for the art to be delivered, both as hard copy (paper, etc.) and high-resolution scans.


The artist retains copyright if the artist completes both writing and art. If the client is the writer, the copyright belongs to both the writer and the artist, and any future handling must be negotiated at the time. Legal differences will be settled under the copyright laws of the United States, in whatever jurisdiction is most convenient to me.

Undelineated project Fee: $80 per hour.

I will NOT investigate from your work in lieu of carefully-thought-out exact descriptions of the specific illustrations. If you insist I do so, There is a $100 reading fee for short stories, $200 for poem, and $1500 for novels. 

Research: Please send a carefully-chosen packet of research materials for your project if you don't wish to incur the research fee of $80 an hour.

Full book layout for print-on-demand publishing: (not including book-length editorial services): $750. Layout can include upload and publication on any print-on-demand site the client prefers (ie., Lulu, Createspace, etc), as well as distribution programming. Whole payment up front.

Teaching you how to self-publish: $350. Whole payment up front.