Sunday, February 1, 2015

Little Comicons Spreading on the Peninsula

Took me three hours driving each way, and in the dark, but Steve Strout's Comic Swap Meet in Chimakum was worth it. Check out that link to see the guest list.

This is Steve's second event - if I don't miss my guess - and took place in the Tri-Area Community Hall. There was plenty of space for local artists and publishers, plus a separate gaming room.
My Ka-Blam tshirt, and one of the books -
helping me get comics-sized reprints (with extra
color pages) into the hands of the readers!
Get 'em at Indyplanet.

Steve's show is more traditional comics and gaming, while my Clallam Bay Comicon is more like the more modern Short Run in Seattle. None of them charge any admission, and tables go for very low prices.

The small-show local model allows costs to be kept down, and local people to enjoy a comicon. This is important, these days, when people can't get to or afford the bigger shows like San Diego and Emerald City. The pace is less frenetic, and people get to really talk to readers, buyers and other artists. 

I have to admit I started my comicon because I wanted one I could literally walk to. Since I do most of my shows online, mine is about bringing comics out to a rural area, where people can learn and love. Now Chimikum has their own show, and we all need to get the word out, not only to us - and we're willing to go the distance - but to the local folks.

Small towns go from suspicion and fear of nerds, to welcoming all these nice people who bring money into the economy. This is why it's important to mention to any business you patronize to buy food or gas, etc., while attending the comicon, that you're with the comicon. They'll want you back! And you'll support local nerds against the bullying that is slowly beginning to crumble. 

Because: we're nice people, we bring money - and we don't move in, like a bunch of tourists or retirees. We're city people, we go home - and we come back to towns that are nice to us.

See you all in July - check out the 2015 link above!

Note: I believe Steve has another show in Summer, which I'll attend for sure. This winter show and its night-driving is way too hard on my weak eyes, especially since all the oncoming cars have such awfully bright headlights, now. Unless somebody wants the bottle of fancy beer somebody local will take to let me crash on the couch, just for that night. :P