Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Bremerton Zine Fest 2023

 Weird and hot, in a city park, but satisfying, and promising more for the future - that's the Bremerton Zine Fest. I was later at Pat Moriarity's art gallery show, also in Bremerton, at the Ridgeline cafe (no photos posted of a gallery show, of course). But photos of a few friends are included at the bottom of this post. It was really nice to see Pat again, and David Lasky - both long-time colleagues and dear friends. 

Got to talk to the Parks people, the Zine Fest organizers, and the Bremerton mayor, about maybe hooking up with SquatchConPA, so the two shows support each other and each other's communities. You know me - Little Miss GoBetween.

This really should be a better report, with more and better labeling, but it was 91 degrees Fahrenheit all day in that field, and hot for the rest of the evening, and the brain don't do so good in the heat. Every time I regret moving up to Clallam Bay, because it's so far away from my friends and industry, the weather reminds me of why it was a good idea.

I'll do a better job in the podcast. I'll add that link as soon as it goes active.