Monday, May 18, 2020

First digital on the new Acer

My very first digital drawing on my new Acer Spin 2-in-1, "Janis."

It still looks like my stuff. I have a tendency to use traditional techniques, even on the most high-tech machines.

This was done on the little Paint program that came with the puter. For learning purposes, it's perfect. Got me working with automatic hand movements very quickly. 

Not a lot of brushes or colors - but what do we usually have on our drawing table, anyway? You know it's just that little cup full of brushes and markers and sometimes scissors or a screwdriver).

Paint doesn't have layers or anything (although it DOES have a kind of 3-D option. Hm. I see the next thing I'll have to do is figure out the keyboard options for emojis. 😁 And now I have).

I want to finish up a project that's been having problems, and I haven't got a scanner yet. I had been using the library scanner, but welcome to the New Normal. That's going to be resolved soon, I hope (Thank the Spirits).

I seldom print out anything because - well, why else have a puter if you're going to be piling up dead tree scraps on your real desktop? The only reason I want to see anything Real is if I do a commission or send a fancy postcard to a Patreon.

I'm getting over an injured neck - thanks to the help of a good neighbor - and I want to give my neck one more day to heal. I think I just rolled over wrong in my sleep.

This little Windows computer shows a huge improvement over my expectations of 10 years ago (TTS). If you want a nice little computer for basic needs and a pretty nice tablet, all for about $700, you could do worse than an Acer Spin.