Sunday, November 6, 2022

Olympic Collectible Expo 2022

I only have one excuse for not posting more photos, but I had to drive three hours, mostly in the dark, to get to this little Kitsap Mall pop-up Saturday convention, November 5, 2022. Wait - that's Guy Fawkes Night. Maybe we can do a theme next year. Go get your table at OCE on Facebook.

But I DO use for print-on-demand singles comics (floppies), for nearly '80's prices. And I always show their tshirt at convention, and each time get $10 print credit. It works - I've printed enough book for shows, and am still in the black! So here's my Ka-Blam shirt at the Olympic Collectibles Expo. The guy who took the photo is Steven Valentine, of Comic Rat. Hook up with him and his great art at ComicRat, Instagram.

OCE has comics, publishers, gamers, jewelers, and even a couple of cosplayers - and definitely needs more cosplayers! I had fun saying "Welcome to the comicon!" to surprised mall wanderers. The conversation usually went like this:

"Welcome to the Comicon!"

Startled look. "I've never been to a comicon."

"You have now."

I'll probably podcast more about the convention itself, and the nasty drive home, including getting stuck at the Hood Canal bridge.

I promise more photos next time. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Emerald City Comicon 2022 Photos

Took photos of all kinds of folks, including vendors featured in the podcast. I've put notes on some of them, especially of the vendors that were part of the Emerald Ghosts episode of A Bazillion Ghost Stories (Spotify, Apple, Google), available August 25. Enjoy. A few things are posted twice, but hey. Better that than accidental deletions.

I always think it's fun when the cosplayers take a break.

The vendor for Ghosts Betwixt.

The girls from Geek Girl Con!

Tattoos appropriate to a ghost podcast.

Are demons close enough for a ghost podcast?

Had to get this vendor, showing solidarity with

My Immortal! The parody Harry Potter fanclub.

This has always been one of my favorite booths, Pop Art Saints

The Maid Cafe - Dark Maids soon?

ShePop represents.

The manuscript in the podcast

They said their dino wasn't complete, because it had no back frill - so I said it was a juvenile, and they seemed fine with that.