Wednesday, November 8, 2023

ShortRun Seattle, 2023

If you want all the details, you need to keep an eye on ShortRun's link. The show happens every year in early November. There were great events, talks, and just a bunch of wonderful creative people at the show. Thunder, lightning and a downpour turned into a beautiful autumn day, the bright yellow trees around the Seattle Center fountain sparkling in the sun, and as the sun set, the winter lights came on. 

This report leads off with the beautiful railing art across from the Fisher plaza, detailing the history of the Duwamish people's area. There are 85 panels in the metal sequence, making it a very large and durable comic book.

BE SURE TO SCROLL TO THE END OF THE PHOTOS to see the beautiful Hmong regalia. I'd seen Hmong people strolling around the area all day, and only at the last minute discovered they had an exhibit in the Seattle Center Armory. They were gracious enough to give me a chance to get a few photos, even in the middle of their busy takedown.

The evening before, Fantagraphics Bookstore presented the usual author party, that's always such a treat at ShortRun. For more details, and even some interviews, including with the delightful people pictured below, check out the ShortRun episode of my podcast, A Bazillion Ghost Stories.