Monday, April 28, 2008

Next Book Nearly Finished

Welcome to another Link-o-rama, wiki-style.

AFTERDEAD 1.3 (see AFTERDEAD black-and-white 1 and 1.2 at Lulu is nearly finished. A lot of the pages are in color and will be appearing at Webcomicsnation.

It includes a story that ran in Gay City, Volume One, about difficulties Pfirsich faces -- with his accustomed aplomb -- as a postman on the frontier.

The longest story, "Little Man," combines my recent longing to see a roller derby match and the discovery on an academic film site of a peculiar trade in home-made films that occurred within the Afrika Korps. I wish I could still find the site; the utter goofiness of the history, written in serene, dry academese, had the disaffected historical tone of the narrator in The Hallelujah Trail. "Little Man" includes a flashback to Pfirsich's Afrika Korps days; how could I not use Winzig and Udo to represent our own culture's black and white vision of adult representations of sexuality?

Here is a sample page from "Stalkers:"

Every cook I know is interested in this question. After recently reading hunting magazines, I realized what it was every hunter wanted to hunt. If you don't believe me, check out the t-shirts in any hunting store, and their language in their mags. It is thinly disguised. "Stalkers" provides the usual practical solution to an historical problem. The Reichers, I sometimes think, reflect that practicality that is an inheritance of my French background -- the provencal version. The only nobility in my blood comes from a gang of very minor English baronettes, near Nottingham. We retain a small carpet, an inlaid table, and a geneology. If I killed many, many English people, I could inherit the throne (then again, who couldn't?).

The final book version of Musswolf is included. It's on a traditional theme, from Pfirsich's viewpoint.

As soon as I've finished AFTERDEAD 1.4, it will be collected with 1.2 to 1.4 -- with color inserts -- at Booksurge (available through Amazon and and then the smaller versions will be pulled off the site.

Because Lulu prints books differently, the collected AFTERDEAD II will have to be in black and white.

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