Monday, June 30, 2008

Stinz Novel

Hokay. I got that Stinz novel thing revised and uploaded at my Lulu page.

I've just ordered a hard copy to proof. AGAIN. I've informed Bowker that the new 13-number ISBN will replace the former version's.

The price for Lulu's version is the Marketplace price. I'm seriously thinking about giving direct-market readers (my site orders) a serious discount. Which I just did, at The Little Store.

410 pages, 28 illustrations. I've removed the "thou" form. Ya gotta love Open Office Spellcheck/replace. Though it created weird stuff like "woryoury" and "Yough" I had to hunt down and kill. And all the 'sts'.

And I finally have a beginning I like. As much as a writer ever does.

And shouldn't a novel about war have a red cover? I think so.

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