Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun With Lulu

Any time you see me put the word "fun" in a title it means Shoals Ahead.

Had some problems uploading the Stinz novel: damaged files. Weirdly enough Lulu's site upload works a lot faster than using the ftp site, at least from the PC.

Sigh. Yes, I have more than one computer, now. We gradually work the old rickety ones out, while loading new things into the new ones, with new formats and hardware. I feel like I'm dealing with the Hitchhiker clones. So far, the laptops are named Black Beauty and White Nite. I've had to revive Butthead for finding old files, because Black Tower kinda died one day when the cat stepped on the power switch.

I've put a notation on the Little Store page, but at least you'll know where to find the novel when the !$$#!! thing finally behaves.

Oh, and I've finally finished enough pages for another small AFTERDEAD. I may be using MagCloud for a short run (Oh, boy! Another brick wall around the industry I can leave a Donna-shaped hole in! Which is how a colleague says you know which way things will go, because I'm limping and talking to myself) but it will be up on Lulu. I hate using Booksurge because they kinda sorta don't know who they are any more, but it's the only way to put up all the color.

Since I started processing the revised Stinz and scanning and cleaning all the files for the Desert Peach collection, I've hardly done any drawing. If I can just get the Stinz done next winter then I'll have the major work out of the way and available for good and can get back to some artwork. If I still know how.... ;P

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