Sunday, July 6, 2008

Techno-hicks Forever

Since I started traveling, I picked up shrimp for a hippy commune, stayed at the commune (so many good ideas!), hiked around Marrowstone Island, helped the woman who runs the downtown Ghost Tour in Seattle to string pendulum beads and got invited on the tour, got the files off the crashed computer (she'll recycle it) from a specialist who lives in Renton, and is worth the drive, and picked up planned electronics (including a solar panel to go with the big battery and inverter we already have, and small but powerful backups for the laptops -- one of which got the dump from the dead computer).

And found the most yummy soap on the planet.... the shop is in the Westlake Mall in Seattle, and while I was horsing around waiting for a meeting (for which I hope great things), I walked by the door and the delicious odors reached out and grabbed me by the nose. I bought the shampoo pucks because customers were raving, one puck for me, one for Roberta.

The stuff WORKS -- and it has no toxins and lasts forever. No more sodium laurel sulphate for US.

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Mark Monlux said...

The world loves a clean, nice smelling cartoonist