Sunday, October 19, 2008

Most Common Customer Questions About My Books

1. Am I old enough to read this?

Answer: If you're under 18, you probably won't get it; it's full
of stupid adult tricks. If your mom will let you have it, you
may buy it (save it for when you're older).

2. Will I like this?

Answer: If you like to think, yes. Most of the references are
explained. If you need more details, hit the library and the 'Net.
Caution: you may end up with the urge to take German classes (it
has happened before).

3. Which book will I like?

Answer: Choose the cover you like. The author was in the
same mood when she created the inside pages.

4. What's The Desert Peach about?

Answer: An historical fiction following the Desert Fox's fictional
gay brother (not the real one).

5. What's STINZ about?

Answer: An historical fantasy based on 19th century farming
life. The main character is a big black centaur stallion.

6. What's Bosom Enemies about?

Answer: People as horses, and horses as people. It has been
described by reviewers as an allegory of slavery.

7. What's Hader and the Colonel about?

Answer: Learning not to eat your friends.

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