Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Work Ethic

Discussion about work over at DeviantArt:

Yup. Tho' not meaning work for work's sake; "Work Ethic" was something those who could pay to get out of the work foisted on those they tried to keep the prices down on the work.

"Lazy" is a code-word white people use on other races who won't work very very hard for very little or free.

Me, I like to goof off as much as the next guy -- but I'm lazy with a conscience. I tear through it to get it done, so I can goof off without guilt.

Ya just gotta know when the work's done for the day. At 5:00 I go fishing (tho' I come back and spend the evening writing, drawing, and doing layout).

My Marrowstone Island Hippy Community friends put in their gardens and built their solar electrical systems and composting toilets -- and now spend most of their time enjoying themselves. Few wants, fulfilled.

(Best solar I've found:

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Ambera said...

Sometimes, getting to work is soooo hard to do!