Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nobody does it but Lulu

Sadly enough, my work with the download site Wowio did not pan out.

The site stiffed Smashout Comics for several thousand dollars, and so Smashout couldn't pay me. This was not Smashout's fault. They can't pass on what they didn't get.

So far, the only dependable, cheap way to order downloads for my books has proven to be at Lulu. The prices are never above 96 cents for any download.

The update on downloadables:

Booksurge lost that ability several years ago.

Mobipocket is insanely complicated, and the downloads cost the customer as much as the hardbacks (what's up with THAT?).

Clickwheel and Magwheel have lots of enthusiasm, but they're not up and running yet, not really.

Wowio is unreliable and can't keep up payments.

I haven't tried loading comics on Amazon's Kindle yet. I'll have to get at that next. Maybe. I haven't even looked at their prices yet.

Sigh. The longer I spend working with distribution and getting it fixed for the future, the farther off goes my working on my books.

I wish I could exchange reliable help on that for books or art. I'm just going to concentrate on Lulu -- they're the only working site that never fails or changes, and pays every time, without fiddling around, or losing the banking or Paypal payment information.

(And don't come on here and argue with me if you've only ever used one site, and don't know from anybody else.)

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