Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Price's Exam and The Fatness

Price went to the vet Monday.  His burn is healing under the scab, which is acting as a bandage.

He was prescribed skin antibiotics, to start as the gut antibiotics are finishing.  We have a little diazapam to encourage appetite and assist with sleep, if need be.  And a little mild opiate, if needed for pain.

Forks Outfitters's butcher gave me a fist-full of beef fat for our boy.  He ate four quarter-size mouthfuls on the way home.  Fat to be converted to vitamin C to heal faster.

The vet said Price would be sloughing the scab.  Today I found him beginning to clean the scab off, revealing bright-pink skin underneath.  Yes, I know the scab is made of himself, but EWWWWW.

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Anonymous said...

Great news! Keep healing, Price.