Sunday, March 13, 2011

Worse Ways To Go

Price on the 13th of March, 2011.  Looking pretty thin.
Price ate and ate this week, but couldn't seem to gain weight.  He's healing from an operation that opened up his whole belly.

Today, he stopped wanting to eat.  But he has his own couch in the guest/comics room, with layers of afghans and a black woolen shawl, a heating pad, a selection of food, antibiotics and Dramamine.  

We should all have it so good when we're approaching the end.  

I'm not saying he is -- we're not giving up -- but we're done dragging him around on the highways on cold rainy days to get to doctors.  He's home.

If the Ring of Fire is unzipping anyway, it's as good a time for us as any.  We wouldn't even have time to run out the back door and up the hill.

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rothschild said...

Agh, I feel so sorry for both of you. I hope he is just taking a break for a bit--maybe he ate *too* much when he came home, to make up for lost time, and now he's digesting it all like a python. Oddly, my Mom had a bowel resection a few months ago, and I remember her saying that digestion was a pretty uncomfortable process and put you off wanting to eat very much. I hope it's just some pain/discomfort and a desire to rest rather than eat any more, for now.

I with you all the best of luck, I know how stressful that can be.