Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2012 Clallam Bay Comicon

When: Friday, July 13 to Sunday, July 15, 2012
Time: until 4:00 pm Friday, and around 11:am to 4:00 pm Saturday and Sunday
Where: My yard in Clallam Bay - 610 Frontier Street
During this: http://www.clallambaysekiufundays.com/ or until I get tired of it.

AUTHORS of any age who bring their own drawn or prose books, miniis, sketches, art (comics or writing) or any form of cartoons for sale or display get in FREE.

DEALERS who are selling any books or art but those they have created and own the copyright on pay $5.00, irregardless of age.  

Admission for public: free.

DEFINITION OF DRAWN BOOKS ("comics" or "graphic novels"): ANY FORM IN WHICH ART AND WRITING BALANCE ONE ANOTHER. Go nuts. This is your chance to draw and write about life in Neah Bay (for example).  Yes, you can use your nutty family as characters.

Provided: Big gazebo in my front yard on the grass.

NOT provided: Tables, food, water or a restroom (there's one downtown in the county park). If you just want to bring a fancy rug and pretend you're at a Souk, that's fine. I are a author, not a volunteer. I'm not advertising this, except here (and maybe on the post office wall), so if you want an audience, Facebook this.

Conditions: This is by a windy beach, so bring weights and a hoodie. If you want to swim, you'd better bring a wetsuit. There's an undertow. Local surfing, so you might want to bring your board (warning; waves onto a reef among logs. This is only for crazy people, and we don't have a lifeguard, so play Surfer Dude at your own risk. We shall just point and laugh). Bring binoculars to watch our eagle families, seals, harlequin ducks - sometimes an elephant seal pup (do not approach wildlife, thank you).

http://www.sekiu.com/  BOOK EARLY.  The towns fill up in the summer.

Spoiler alert: The Mean Stuff: I'm just sayin'.

Babysitting (including letting kids look at books you haven't looked at and then bitching about it): $80.00 an hour. You will be billed.

Trash: TAKE IT WITH YOU. Or don't get invited back. There will be a list.

Table monitoring: This is your job. Either cover the space, or take your stuff with you, or get somebody else to watch it. Not me.


Red said...

Heh heh you babysit Walt and that price will go to $160 an hour.

Wish I could come, but I will send stuff to you - if you (want to)sell it, either use the $$ for the kitties or donate it to a shelter - while I could use the $$, I AM using the comicon for promotion purposes only and I want to make sure you get paid for said promotion.

Donna Barr said...

Are these your original books?

Scratching head. REALLY don't want to act as an agent at this thing. If you want to send promotional stuff, that would be fine.

Although I could talk to the minion....