Thursday, December 22, 2011

Process or DRAW.

So.... do I spend all my time trying to process my books, or do I use it to make new art and pages?

I'm not getting any younger, so it may be up to others to get a lot of the additional book-processing done. I can stick smaller page counts up on Indyplanet or collections up on Amazon, but taking time to re-process into Kindle - considering my hundreds of books - is just going to eat up all my remaining years.  Flogging at publishers before starting a project just eats up hours.

A quicky sketch from many years ago. Yes, you can pay me to do anything from a scribble to an epic.
I'm not trying to be all whiny or gloomy, but there's a reality here.  Art takes time. Writing takes time. It's that or process.  Process disappears.  You can work your butt off on the ebooks and pdfs and paper versions, but all somebody has to do is fail their site or decide to change it, and years of work can disappear overnight.

So I'm sorry if all the stuff isn't going to be available everywhere all at once.  You'll get the new stuff on the easiest sites, or the most long-running sites.  I'm not going to run my head off any more to try to keep it all covered.  When somebody else figures out how to pay themselves by harnessing my author engine, you'll get the full coverage.  It can't be THAT hard, can it?

I'll try to keep updates going on the Bookstore (see it in the links, this page).  I'll very much appreciate any reports to me of problems or broken links.

In the meantime, I'll keep inking, scanning, coloring.  And taking time for commissions, because those are REAL.

I'm going to be SO rich when I'm dead.  Those people in my will to take care of my cats are going to be so happy.


Red said...

I can't IMAGINE how much you have to process - a lot of my earlier stuff went up in flames (a period of wangst known as The Burning Times around here) but I still have a butt-ton of crap to process in large plastic tubs lined with little packets of silica gel.

And it's about to get worse - Wally already has a small collection of his own works.

BTW - I will be making the official first post for the blog requested. Will post link on DeeeviantArt.


Donna Barr said...

Oh, an artist bonfire! Been there, done that -- stacks of rotten early stuff. And yes, The Plastic Tubs.

Silica gel... where did you get it?

If anybody's reading Cori's post about "the blog," BE AFRAID. :D

Red said...

I collect the silica packets from everywhere - they come in tons of stupid packaging, usually computer items and other sundries. I don't throw them away and just stick them in there. You can also buy it at large craft stores too I think.

Artist bonfires are fun, to an extent :)

Donna Barr said...

I don't know why I didn't think of that! I'll tell Dan to be on the lookout for them, too. Thanks!