Monday, June 25, 2012

Down with Amateurs

Okay. Rolling up the sleeves right now to strike at more BS.  

The times I have worked with writers, the script is ALWAYS thin, clichéd and boring.  It's why I do it myself -- I write what I've seen and know and think about, not some leftover genré scene that excited me when I was 12.  That is NOT a muse, no matter what you think it is, and if you can't tell the difference -- well, you can't learn it.

Writers who claim "not working without pay" for artists is "destroying indies" are amateur wienes.  There are PLENTY of us in mainstream drawn book world (Not "Indies," you boobs -- superheroes are the niche market now!) who write, draw and own the project. We're original, driven, knowledgeable, and have no time for manipulative amateur BS any more. If you, as a writer, WANT an artist, you are in the position of the producer and director. who has to find the funding for the actors and crew. Go to the film people and find out how it's DONE.

NOTE: I just did art for writers who did not grizzle over prices or payment schedule. Their only question:  "Paypal or check?"  They got a Kickstarter project and they wrote the artists into the costs.  Guess who already has the art in their hot little hands?  Like my editor on the Forks Forum says, "It's so nice to work with a professional."

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