Thursday, August 16, 2012


Geekgirlcon - WHY weren't you there?

It was... sparkly! Fabulous, fun, pretty - and the girls and boys were all having masses of fun and laughing without pressure or hassle. This is what happens when the girls take over.

Callisti, a long-time fan, with the Clearwater School.
Thanks, Prism Comics for my fabulous Glamazonia t-shirt! The Clearwater School loved it a lot.

Before the con, running around Seattle Center with Roberta Gregory, and wondering WHAT a Desert Peach Play poster was doing in the maintenance office of McCaw hall.

And now it's signed.

Me in my Ka-Blam Tshirt for GeekGirlCon - more print-run money!

Saturday evening, Kevin Bose and his wife grace took me out to Ivar's Salmon house, for fabulous crab salad. And we got to see part of the new 520 bridge barely fitting into the ship canal.

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