Friday, August 10, 2012


Lovely, lovely time at ToorCamp yesterday. Castle Camp (bicycle jousting), RF Palace radio, lockpicking school, help getting Car's battery jumped (would you believe I VERy VErY carefully turned my lights OFF - the wrong way?).

Ugly Reality Makes Us Fall Over Laughing moments:

Sciency guy who thought my being an Atheist made me unaware of the Mars Lander project.

Makah guy insisting - repeatedly, as the women's eyebrows went up - that the reason women didn't whale was because "women are so powerful, the whale will disappear or kill us all." That he had to keep repeating it made it hard to keep from giggling.

As a gay friend once grunted, primitively stirring a fire: "It's a GUY thing."

But no, seriously, I'm SO going to take advantage of my membership in Geezer Media next year to go and stay longer. I MISSED the Darkbots because I have to drive to GeekGirlCon in Seattle today!

I also wrote a supportive article (hey, there's no such thing as objective journalism), that included mention of the festival business model, and hinted that Neah Bay was bringing in jobs and money with fun and entertainment. As a kid, my parents' generation destroyed what we had, while this area still has a chance to heal and grow. YES, it's all scrub and plantation and clearcut now, but they're beginning to understand that all a clearcut pays for is more machines - while media and entertainment can pay for your living, your kid's education, and your future.

I'd need to promote my own books a few years before I could buy a booth, but I want everybody at ToorCamp to come to the Clallam Bay Comicon (see events). I know they'd love ToorCamp.  YES, there's plenty of the community that fear novelty, but I've been up here giving the new and intent a reason to come out and enjoy themselves for nearly 9 years. They're ready up here - and "Twilight" teaching them there's money in media didn't hurt.

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