Thursday, May 16, 2013

Brave THAT!

You know those people yelling about the "Brave" girl being prettied up by Disney? Hey - as a girl, I can tell you right now, I like BOTH versions. That's right - us girls can be the hard horse-riding bow-girl in the morning, and sparkle up for the evening parties.

Suggestion for Disney movie: That red-haired wildling has grown up, is regularly appearing before the people as a fancied-up royal adult - and then there's some crisis in which she has to get out in secret and take care of business. How does she pass in front of men used to seeing her with fabulous gowns and great makeup?

Wash her face and change her clothes.

She'll be able to walk right by any man and he'd never know her. The guards who see her every day won't know her, because men think that stuff paint on the face is REAL. She won't fool any of the women, but that's part of the plot. Or her brothers, for that matter. 

Yes, guys - with us girls, it's not the hero bow girl OR the royal beauty - it's BOTH! Because we're complicated, and you wouldn't have us any other way. :D

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