Monday, May 20, 2013

When Pagans Go Off The Cliff

Why can't I use my pretty bathroom as a shrine?
I guess my writing page is becoming kind of my political page. So here goes. Do you need to be told this is after a lot of crap on Facebook? So I have a link to a final statement and can go do something more useful?

To my Pagan Friends: When us of the atheist label hit on religists, your snickering, "I say atheism is just a belief, too!" is not only a dumb borrowing from religists, it makes me wonder where your head is at.

First of all, if you find a fuming atheist, remember most of us come from religist households, and it's all damage and repression in those places. Yes, we come out spitting rage and wanting to take on anybody who lights candles and talks to them. So "I met an angry damaged person" is NOT a fucking argument.

Atheism = "Leave me alone to live my life, don't put stupid laws on me or my friends based on delusion, and let me get these #!!! comic books done." It does NOT mean, "I've invented an invisible spirit and now I want peer review in science journals!"

We atheists are NOT going to show up with the sheriff and close down your magic circle - we will probably be joining in because, since we don't have a belief, we don't care about yours, but you have drumming and alcohol and fire, and us and the science community can't resist those (Oh, please. The scientists blow up bathtubs on YouTube).  Oh, and food. Loads of fabulous pagan feasts, because eating isn't one of the Seven Deadlies. An awful lot of religists in this country just offer a little sour wine and some tasteless bread. Really? Although the Catholics do some pretty good spaghetti suppers.

And if you're telling ghost stories, we'll believe 'em and tell ours - as long as they don't become part of what medications we're allowed to pick up at the pharmacy. Now remember who made the Burning Times - and who DIDn't. Oh, and who was killing all the cats - and why. And it wasn't US, thank you.


Torsten Adair said...

The Methodists, who were once tea-totallers, have great potlucks! Usually coffee and cookies after the service as well.

At college, the Hari Krishnas served the best vegetarian fare when they visited!

The Catholics also do great fish fries during Lent.

Of course, if an extra is needed for some fertility rite, I'm usually available.

Donna Barr said...

See, Torsten here has the right idea about spiritual gatherings. It's about the food. I'm convinced on the "loaves and fishes" story, somebody dropped some 0's. Because what Jewish lady is going to show up at a party with little or no food? Or what Roman lady, for that matter. We should make Torsten the party planner.