Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cartoonists Northwest Talk in Seattle

Art in the Wild
I'll be in Seattle on October 16, to appear at the Cartoonists Northwest meeting in Seattle.

Come find out how to run your own comicon, with no admission fees or badges, low table fees and just one staff person - and how such a model can expand and re-adapt. Come loaded with questions, because if I haven't thought of the answers for new situations, we'll discover them together.

AND - come find out what T. Brian Wagner and I are doing to make the revival of the our Desert Peach musical - as a concert - happen all over again. This time, crowdfunding will make it more fun and memorable than ever - and that's saying something!

Of course, I'll have books and even the remaining Stinz pins. Yes, I still have them! And sketches and stories and whatever anybody else wants. If you haven't met the fun, happy, highly professional people of Cartoonists Northwest, it's about time you did - and this is a great opportunity!

(Thanks to Seattle friends for making this event possible. You're the best!)

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