Friday, October 4, 2013

Hempfest and Me

Okay, so I don't do the EmJayJay (yes, I'm one of the 29% who have their own cutesy name for weed); I cough my brains out if I try. Or at least nothing but medibles, if legal and available (and please, coconut oil), for sleep and pain.

BUT I do want to hit Seattle Hempfest in 2014 for the first time in years and years and years, just as a party. See the picture? That's me with far too little Seattle of late, at C.C.Attle's on Capitol Hill. It's also why @RuPaulDragRace now follows my tweets.

And because I'm a Leo, we could use the August date to consolidate all our birthday parties! Heck, we could do everybody's birthday party - why not?

As usual, looking for a couch. I'll buy breakfast, or one of those Safeway Roast chickens for supper. Hey, I'm an artist. We're always broke. Well, no we're not - but properly managed, food and clothes and even shelter can be cheap - and why spend the Trying to Recreate the Olduvai money when  we can use for that next set of brushes or that art program? Priorities, people!

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