Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chocolate, Tequila, Heart Surgery

I have finally found a goddess. Or rather, she has returned: 
Goddesses just do what they want.

From about 1998-2002, I did a comic strip series, "Rental Goddess," for the magazine PanGaia. I forgot how many I'd done, because most of the pages went to San Diego State Special Collections. 

So out of the blue, the proofreader for the magazine sends me paper copies of all the strips, including the introduction of the Deity Kun-Rah, Goddess of Not putting Up With Crap. Damn, these are funny. And what timing! As soon as my lovely new friend scans 'em, I can post 'em at Webcomicsnation

So I guess I'd better get to the work of Not Putting Up With Crap, because Kun-Rah says so, and I don't want to meet her third ritual.

Now who wants to have a ceremony to her the next time I'm in Seattle? Or even out here in the Land of Dying Trees?

Her vestments are long and raggedy, red and/or black, with any kind of white mask (worn on the top of the head if you like). She carries any sort of chocolate or tequila (I think Grocery Outlet is her temple). She carries small cash to feed street people, and cruel hearts get not only torn out, they get drop-kicked over the nearest roof.

She protects the liver, because she helps rot it out in the first place. 

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