Friday, November 8, 2013

Fan Art Comes Back to Haunt Me - in a Good Way.

Officer and Savage original.
Adrian M. Kleinbergen messaged me on Facebook that he'd bought a piece from me at - possibly Con-Version. Now he's done fan art based on it. AND he's added that something he drew inspired it:

"Actually, you saw my piece in black and white (possibly in my self-published art book) and you said that what you drew was what happened next after an officer spoke to the feral lady."

So this is like - two-way fan-art!

First is  my original. Or maybe it's his was the original. I don't remember. It's a story about a handsome officer grabbed for breeding by a strong tribal woman. I did several versions of it, including a large ink painting and a comics story

Officer and Savage inspired.
Next here's Adrian's fan piece. Or orignal piece. It's kind of gorgeous! I think it's done with markers. I love it. He says his favorite colors are yellow and blue. Doesn't he do it well! 

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