Friday, November 15, 2013

How to Write an Art Contract

Time and again, it's been proven to me that even my most knowledgeable colleagues don't know how to negotiate and contract for an art project.

I use something based on this for all projects, no matter the size. Note the instruction that, "If we didn't talk about it, it's not in this contract!"

The bigger the contract, the more loopholes and lawyers. Don't try to INCLUDE everything. Just EXCLUDE everything you won't need to negotiate right at that time.

And it's ALWAYS 50/50%. You're a professional. If the printer, shipper, cameraman, etc., get paid - SO DO YOU. 

If you're a writer - or a fucking FOOTBALL FRANCHISE (ask me how I know) - who tries to argue anything else - SHAME ON YOU.

We can die of exposure.
Keep It Simple, Stupid

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