Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm in Seattle - Cartoonists Northwest Speaker, and MORE!

1970's "Black Manuscript" art
Hi! Yes, thanks to the author of The Virgin Project, Kevin Boze - and his wife Grace (providing me with accommodations; ie., a nice couch in their lovely home) - I'll be able to stay from November 16 to November 19 in Seattle.

BUT - the schedule is filling up! 

November 16 (Saturday): travel to Seattle, speak at the Cartoonists Northwest meeting.
(Direct Page Link)

November 17 (Sunday): travel to Renton to do promotional filming for the Desert Peach Musical Revival.

November 18 (Monday): I'm going to party with Kun-Rah. And where? Bimbo's, in Seattle! Meet me there at 7:00. I buy the 1st pitcher of Margarita's. Check out the Kun-Rah link, and bring a white mask.

November 19 (Tuesday): travel to Sea-Tac to get my NEXUS card. Probably with a hangover. Which is a good condition to be in when dealing with the Feds.

If anyone wants me to come in early, for anything, throw a couch at me - and if you want, get sketches in return. I have an Orca metro e-purse card and a Car2go card, so I'm pretty well mobile. If you want me to come for a special event that weekend, let's talk about room for me at the Green Tortoise hostel (VERY inexpensive and a party all the time).

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