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2015 Clallam Bay Comicon Panels and Events

2015 COMICON Panels & Events
Sale tables in Lion's Club Hall * Gaming on the porch* Panel on round tables.
Events are 50 minutes unless otherwise specified. Cooperate like Woodstock!

SATURDAY, July 11, 10 am - 5 pm

9 am-10 am: Show set-up

10 am: Show officially opens

10 am: Fun Days Parade Lineup. Those who wish to participate in the Fun Days parade, assemble at Weel Road Deli/Shell parking lot. Be fabulous.

11 am-12 Noon: Fun Days Parade.

Noon-1: Lunch break. Find Fun Days goodies, including the Lion's Club barbecue, and frybread and Indian Tacos in the bus barn. We have a kitchen. Potlucks and shairsies welcome.

1-1:50: How to Self-Pub Your Manuscript
You've written a book! Yay! Now what? If you want to go the indie route rather than traditional publishing, you have options. Author Angela Highland (_Rebels of Adalonia_ trilogy, _Free Court of Seattle_ series) shares her path to independent publishing, and what has and has not worked for her. Bring your questions and any experience you have to share!

2-2:50 pm: How To Draw A Horse Right, Damnit. Donna Barr reprises a classic from San Diego Comicon. Bring paper and pencil or tablets so you can follow along. Will give instructions upon request, so if you want to know about centaurs and ponies, just ask. The more drawings she does, the more she'll have to hand out at the end of the panel. Nonsense will abound. This will be filmed and posted on YouTube. Linda Medley says she's going to lead off with How To Draw A Horse Badly, dedicated to Josh Whedon. Not that I believe she can.

3-3:50 pm: How To Draw Cats Roberta Gregory shows everyone how to draw our favorite house tigers, as featured in her True Cat Toons book (available at her table).

4-4:50: Concert With Crime and the Forces of Evil

5 pm: Show closes for the evening; hall locks up.

7-11:00 pm (with break for fireworks): *Clallam Bay Comicon Eigenbrötler Film Festival in the con suite (Winter/Summer Inn) Strange, unusual, unique media.


SUNDAY 10 am - 5 pm

10 am: Show opens.

Noon-1: Lunch break. What did you all bring?

1-1:50 pm: Beautiful Tools: Linda Medley, author of Castle Waiting, demonstrates inking and pen care - and shows off her fabulous pens.

2-2:50: Building a Geekmusic Festival
A talk and conversation with Dara Korra'ti about nwc MUSIC, the geekmusic festival she started at Norwescon. How did it get started, and given that she's just handed it off to a new generation of event runners, where is it going? And how would someone else go about building a similar event?

4-4:50: Supervillain Songwriting Workshop
Want to write a song? Ever wanted to write a song? Got a song started and not sure where to go next? Bring your idea, or even idea about an idea, to the Supervillain Songwriting Workshop, and we'll bang on it and see if we can't get you moving. Solarbird the Lightbringer of Crime and the Forces of Evil will also give a short talk at the beginning about music theory, physics, and neurology, because that's just how she rolls.

5:00 pm: ARGGGHHH! Swab-The-Decks Event. Show closes, ALL participants heave to and make the Lion's Club ship sparkle! Pirate hats optional. Jerry Our Guy loves us for this part.

7:00-11:00 pm: Dead Dog Party in the con suite.

Caravan Road Trip: Highway 112 back through Port Angeles. Drive safe!

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