Saturday, April 4, 2015

Clallam Bay Comicon Guests

Since I have no admission fee, and tables are only $25, there's not much we can offer "guests."

Roberta Gregory, comics legend.
Since I've been in the biz so long, most of my friends are noted authors. This little convention is attracting fun professionals I wasn't asking to do anything - but being pros, they want to give panels and host sales tables, too! No Rest For The Creative. So here is the first guest for the 2015 Clallam Bay Comicon! At least I can pay them with fireworks and (if we're lucky) my home-smoked salmon.

Roberta Gregory

Last year's Clallam Bay Comicon best seller.
Legendary comic creator Roberta Gregory will attend with a good selection of her decades-long career, including several Bitchy collections, Winging It and everything in between. If you are not familiar with her work, you will find something for almost every taste in comics. Every book you buy gets a drawing by Roberta inside. Featured is True Cat Toons, her comic collection illustrating the true cat stories of ordinary folks and their less-than-ordinary cats, and if you buy a book from her at the CBCC, you will get a color drawing of your own kitty inside. So bring a photo! For more info see and 

Linda Medley - her own best model!
Linda Medley

Creator of "Castle Waiting," Linda is presenting not only a fascinating panel on how to care for your pens - and wait until you see her shiny inking toys - but may just be sharing previews of her latest project! 

She says: "I'm going to bring my big chest o' fountain pens and various supplies and have them at my table;people can come by and try 'em out (I have "demo models" so there's no worries) anytime they want, ask questions, etc. I'll give a talk about inking, a little history of pen'n'ink illustration, the economical and ecological benefits, etc. etc. Also, how about I use one of the drawings done in either your horsey talk or Roberta's catty talk to demo the pens on...?"

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