Thursday, June 18, 2015

Color Afterdead and Win Fame and Acclaim (?)

Download and color!
Talking about the coloring-books-for-adults trends over on Facebook. People said we should post pages for coloring. So I'm posting this one, from Afterdead. Download and/or print and color away! 

Then send me a bitty jpeg or link so we can admire. AND CHANGE THE FILE NAME IF YOU SEND IT TO ME. So I don't replace and erase mine by accident. 

Format the name as:
   "Afterdead Coloring book - Your Name.jpg 

I hearby give you permission to use or share your colored version any way you like, so long as you tell me, and add:
     Donna Barr © Actual Year.

The page is about the long-dead Peach, accompanying the extremely-wounded pilot/teaching aide he's care-taking, to visit the pilot's girlfriend, who is GeStaPo - and therefore, of course, a Vampire. Don't ask why the Reich made that a qualification. It's probably on a par with the State law that makes it a crime to keep an elephant in a basement - somebody did something stupid, or something seemed more convenient.

Explanations welcome. I sometimes think my characters talk to my readers more than to me. Are you buying them beer??

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