Saturday, March 4, 2017

2017 Emerald City Comicon Report

Just The Thing For Spring
First of all, on the absolutely fabulous Artists' Alley on its OWN floor (the 6th), we have Carla Speed McNeil in one of the Nasty Woman Pussy Hats I've been freehand crocheting out of remnant thrift-store wool. She models it with her ever-so antique Hermes scarf. It's just HER.

Roberta Gregory says to watch for it on Jaeger in Carla's Future books. While drunk, probably.... or will Nasty Women march in Finder?

Touch it.
THIS IS HOW THIS STUFF GETS STARTED. Us writers are more like the party than most people think. We're more like the directors of Despicable Me, who giggle their way through their commentaries, and doing Minion voices.

While you're at it, you need to get her "No Mercy." One of the best and most horrible and true.

Now wait until Chris Pegg finds out about the Bible plot we have for him. He can play Jesus - or Joseph, who we KNOW must have been a hottie.

Time to Die!
Emerald City has a No-touchy policy on co-splayers - but what do you do when the Gang O' Deadpools and Harly Quinn show up and say "Spank that thang!"?

At sci-fi shows, the Klingons are the crackpots who do what they want any way they want. Looks like Deadpool will be taking over that roll at comicons.

RED DWARF! RED DWARF! Do not look upon me, oh Mr. Flibble of glary death. I
Queen of the Potato People.
used both these photos because I are a Dwarfer, of course. 

I dare yo.
And now more Deadpool nuttiness. Including Mashups. That movie may be faux X-rated, but it's a genuine clever silliness generator.

I don't know what this next character is, but her dad engineered the wings, and they fold down
Fly girl!
and outwards. Amazing stuff on the floors, every year.

Gotta catch up.
I love when the anachronisms of everyday life show up in fantasy. As in this gorgeous creature with her purple-and-scythe, texting away between photo-ops.

Of course, had to get a legit pose photo, too. One of my favorite costumes this year.

Stop me. I dare you.
More Deadpool goofiness. "I'm playing Deadpool. I'll do whatever I want! So there!" (Except during Lent?)

Speaking of able costuming, this woman with CatBus and Totoro had never made a costume before. I find that hard to believe! She has a career ahead of her.

She's discovering how hot it gets on the show floor, however! 

Passengers and all!
Back in full costume, in front of one of my favorite booths every year, Fez-O-Rama. Each year I am more tempted.
Long Day!

Poison Ivy is a great costume, but it comes with very high heels. An Ivy kicks back with the kimono she wears to get to her car in the Seattle rain or cold parking towers, and no shoes. I say she could get away with red flats. To match her hair.

And of course it wouldn't be America without lying religious assholes showing up.

These JeHos could have just posted, "We have a cool imaginary fan club, too! And books!" Instead, they couldn't help themselves.

Trolling for kiddies.
They're pushing cures for "depressed teens." One of their number showed up and said, "We need more kids!" 

Thanks a lot, you mental child molesters. I pity the gay kid tries to not commit suicide in YOUR fake-doctor hands. 

At least they're forced to be on the street with the ticket-scalpers where they belong.

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