Monday, June 5, 2017

Sol Duc Hot Springs Birthday

I'm going to the Sol Duc Hot Springs on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, on August 14. It's my birthday, and I want to swim and soak and get a massage for these tired bones! I'm doing it after my birthday on Sunday, so I can get an appointment.

Come join me. Bring a swimsuit and towel, and flipflops or other swimming shoe. The pool entrance fee is very inexpensive. The pools range from mild to very hot, and the pool is a delight. But hide shiny stuff - ravens fly overhead!

They have food at the pool, including the Sol Duc Resort restaurant and a snack bar. No eating in the pool area, of course, but direct access. Gorgeous walking trails, to Sol Duc Falls. 

There's cabins and camping, too. If they don't have them, try the Last Chance Camp and Equine Rest Stop in Forks. Which means you can bring your horse. The husband is frightened of Liberals, but he likes fun. And Veronica, who runs the place, is definitely fun! 

Come join me. If you can't, I'll be doing this every year!

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