Friday, March 9, 2018

My Distribution List - Help Your Favorite Shops

Right now, Anne Bean of Emerald Comics Distribution has made sure my books go into Northwest Shops. Here is a list of the shops ECD serves.

Now for a list of shops that carry my work right now, and others that could be encouraged to pick them up. If you live nearby any of the following stores, and you want my books, check them out first!

The Dreaming is the best place to go - "Loves it, keeps it in stock, buys back issues."

Left Bank "Buys issues, sells slowly," but will be kept stocked.

Push/Pull is "Happy to stock issues," move slowly. So go help them move quickly! Same for Left Bank.

Dreamstrands: "Loves your work, keeps some in stock." Again, doesn't get a lot of stock - so help move up those numbers for these good shops. 

Now here are shops need your support to start sharing my books. If any of them are the shop most convenient to you, do drop in and request my books. If they want to know how to get my books, just refer them to Anne Bean, whose link is at the top of this posting. She is very good at making things happen. If your shop isn't on this list, tell the shop owner about Anne, and me, and we'll make your comics experience even better. 

Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery. Say "hi" to Larry for me! I love this shop whether they carry my work or not. They're family.

Olympic Cards and Comics. Gabi says she LOVES my work, but needs customers who want it. Go give her some for me!

Phoenix Comics doesn't stock back issues. But there's a new Afterdead collection with new stuff that's not even appeared on the website.

Arcane Comics They don't have my work right now, but they love special ordering from Emerald Comics. Tell them what YOU want specially ordered!

Floating World Comics MIGHT sell if customers want. If you live nearby and want my books directly, do drop in.

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