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Comicon Eats Recommendation

If you make it out to any of the Peninsula Cons, be sure to drive a few miles to the West on Highway 112, and see if these folks have their stand set up. They usually do, in the summer. Check the bottom of the page for their dates and places. They're a happy little independent business who will be happy to see any of you. Their email post is long, but amusing. And their products are YUMMY.

We ARE rolling! Our bake day was TOTALLY successful in all ways ... EVERYTHING turned out beautifully. A more beautiful thing ... and SUCH HELP! ... we finished moving family out here this week, too, making all this possible, and a 3rd generation in training:)

Reminder:  ALL the bread products are AUTHENTIC sourdough, therefore enzyme rich AND the GLUTEN, PHYTATES, & ENZYME INHIBITORS have been BROKEN DOWN and NEUTRALIZED for easy, human digestion, due to the LONG FERMENTATION PROCESS (most with gluten intolerance can eat this bread) ... AND the fermentation process converts bread into a high protein food, not high carbohydrate. In the Human Longevity film, centurions from Europe said wouldn't think of eating a meal without bread ... bread is their staple ... but it's sourdough, and they don't use glyphosates (RoundUp that "bind proteins") in Europe ... other countries do not have gut issues like Americans do eating bread, and bread is a STAPLE, EATEN WITH EVERY MEAL (sourdough) ... nor do Americans who visit Europe, but Europeans can't come to America and eat our bread (except ours), or they're sick their whole vacation.

AND super important, ALL ingredients are non-GMO, plus authentic sourdough has a LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX of 53, pumpernickel even low of 43 ... conventional bread has a high glycemic index of over 73.

Here's the lineup:

Regular authentic sourdough bread (GOLDEN breads, with turmeric, ginger & pepper, which synergistically work together, are listed below this).

White (many call it "sourdough", but all bread products are sourdough), our MOST POPULAR,Jalapeno/cheddar cheese bread (another super POPULAR bread), Multigrain whole wheat bread (veryhealthy & hearty, fresh-ground org. wheat, fresh-ground FLAX SEEDS which sooooooo good for you, millet, oats, sesame seeds), White (lighter) multigrain whole wheat ... a lighter half & half mix bread (more white flour in the multi-grain whole wheat), Pumpernickel (we also fresh-grind org. rye "berries" into flour, and rye is the best for clean arteries,AND it's made with raw cacao powder, considered a "superfood, onion & garlic)Triple berry "bead pie"Apple "bread pie,Peach "bread pie,"Cinnamon Roll Bread with walnuts and raisins"Bread pie" individual serving, is back ... Apple, and Triple berry.

GOLDEN (turmeric)* sourdough breads

WhiteMultigrain whole wheat, and Pumpernickel.

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."  

If you don't care for the taste of GOLDEN sourdough breads, make French toast, meatloaf, various sandwiches, egg, tuna, peanut butter & jam, etc etc etc. to hide the taste ... surprisingly delicious ... pumpernickel is already so flavorful, it also hides the taste very well ... but once you get used to it, it's not noticed anymore, even with small kids, just like when we get used to sourdough. My husband HAS To HAVE 2 SLICES first thing in the morning (he loves toast) or  physically hurts too bad to move (super bad back) ... I eat it daily for preventative reasons, one slice does it for me. 

MAINTENANCE daily dose recommendations of TURMERIC is 1,000-3,000 mg, which can be taken daily for a lifetime (remember, "You can take up to 12,000 mg (12 grams) of turmeric per day w/o side effects for curative issues (conservative side says 8 grams)." For CURATIVE, THERAPEUTIC DOSE - required when we have some issues ... for example cancer patients needing quick action, or say, suffering with arthritis pain and you take large dosages ... it acts like a strong painkiller and helps you.  This can go on for some time, but then cut back to preventive dosage as soon as the body is back in shape (see my previous newsletters)

There are 17 slices of bread in a loaf, one slice equivalent to approximately 1,000 mg. of turmeric, though having more power and assimilation than taking it any other way because of the FERMENTATION PROCESS, the predigested sourdough process it's been through. Add butter (or coconut oil for butter), and it assimilates even more. Usually turmeric needs a "carrier oil", too. I don't know if it does when fermented (in sourdough), but we "butter" everything (usually with coconut oil, flax seed oil, pasture fed butter, olive oil ... healthy fats), because we don't get enough "good fat" in the usual American diet.

COOKIES:  gingersnickerdoodlepeanut butterchocolate chip, & oatmeal raisin

BROWNIES: This (butter) & Jalapeno/cheddar cheese bread is the only product we have that HAS DAIRYin it.  Everything else we use ORGANIC PALM FRUIT SHORTENING. Brownies and cookies are the only things we use eggs in.

PIE ... our pie crust is made with organic palm fruit shortening, unbleached pastry flour & sea salt

9" "pie pockets" ... triple berry (Marionberry blackberry, raspberry, blueberry), Marionberry blackberry,and apple.

"Stogies" plain AND with WALNUTS ... made out of our pie crust, which is made with organic palm fruit shortening ... like grandma used to do with left over pie dough, roll out, sprinkle with organic evaporated cane sugar & cinnamon ... but we roll them up like cigars then bake them, so they're easy to handle.

Look for the hot pink signs!! ... We'll be...BEing here... with our "bread wagons":

  • FRIDAY:  Port Angeles, between Mt. Pleasant IGS & Dave Barnier Auto, about 2950 Hwy. 101, east of PA, 11:00 - 5:00 (Friday only in PA.)
  • FRIDAY : Hwy. 112 pull-off, halfway between PA & Joyce, mp 57, 10:30 - 6:00ish
  • SATURDAYHwy. 112 pull-off again, halfway between PA & Joyce, mp 57 or so, 10:00 - 2:00ish ... he has to leave earlier this week. 

In Light*Joy*Love*Gratitude
"the bread lady"

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