Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grocery List

After I said my readers would read anything I wrote, even a grocery list, one of you asked for it. We live at http://www.sekiu.com/, so shopping is rare and complicated. The big list, for the annual Norwescon trip so far is:

Fix Drill! (My Dewalt has been drilled and screwed to death).
sardines (Dollar store cans)
yeast (for the microwaved summer sourdough.)
pain pills
big dry milk
check to bank
chocolate for Joe (because the old guy on Highway 112 won't take money for eggs)
cough syrup
5 jugs of cooking oil (from the bulk restaurant store. Normally this includes 150 pounds of whole wheat flour and 150 pounds of popcorn)
dish soap
lazy suzan (for the kitchen project)

Visit The Little Store.


Rev. Sharon said...

OK, so there are SOME things on your list that don't show up on mine... but I gotta tell you, only YOU could manage to make a description of a drill sound kinky and dirty. And I mean that in a good way! :)

christine_wasankari said...

Wow...now that there is one hell of a list! :-) And to think I thought mine got a little on the wild side LOL

Have fun!! And come over to see pups sometime soon!

igel said...

One of your 1000 True Fans here; you posted it, and I happily read. But like rev. sharon points out, the drill's the best part! And makes one wonder about that "lazy susan" project?;)

Leanne said...

Now that is a little strange as a shopping list! I was expecting it to be much longer! LOL! And yeah, don't you need anything else for the lazy susan project??

Bob said...

Guten Abend Frau Barr, Part of the problem of being a working stiff, is I didn't get a chance to vote on the new site. On the other hand, This is looking great! And what is wrong with reading your shopping list, if I may ask? At least now I know what to do if I end up with a spare hundred pounds of popcorn. Count me in as another true fan dear lady. :D

Mark Monlux said...

If we are sharing shopping lists, here is my from yesterday:

2 gallons non-fat milk
Bag of frozen corn
Bag of frozen chicken breasts
2 jars of peanut butter (crunchy)
12 blueberry muffins
1 jug of cat litter
Mini Pita Bread
Grapes (red)
Apples (braeburn)
Lettuce (red leaf)
Brussel Sprouts
1 Hyacinth
1 Polish hotdog with sauerkraut