Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rural Shopping

The most comments have been about the shopping list. Well, it's something we all have on our walls -- or our refrigerators, under the "dress me" magnets.

We live far out in a rural area. There are certain things that are just more economical if bought in bulk in Seattle. If I'm swinging by Chehalis, I'll include VJ's Bargain Barn for cheap new building materials.

The lazy suzan is just a shelving system under the sink structure, for hard-to -reach areas. I've been putting this together with new and second-hand parts -- the latter from Waste Not Want Not in Port Angeles -- for months. I'm slow, but I get there.

Fresh things, tofu, nuts, dairy products from the local co-op. Fish, clams, mussels, scallops and nettles from the beach. I am now the sprouts producer for the co-op. The first requests have been for alfalfa sprouts -- and fenugreek sprouts. Which reminds me, I'd better find some fresh seeds while I'm in Seattle.

Does anybody really want to hear about householding?

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Zak said...

Fenugreek sprouts, eh? How do those taste?

And by the way, what do you use your nettles for? My brother makes 'em in a soup.

Bob Rembold said...

If I'm lucky, I can get this down before the drool hits the keyboard. Just walk to the beach for shellfish??? Down here in San Diego, the beach has cigerette butts, rotting seaweeds, surfers and tourists.

john_m_burt said...

Bob's comment reminds me of a Jack London story, "The Scarlet Plague", about an old man and a couple of boys, the only inhabitants of the ruined city of San Francisco, catching crabs in the Bay, at a spot where the Indians used to fish, but which by London's time was an industrial center alongside a sewer, and only a wealthy few could eat the crabs and mussels that were caught far away along the coast.