Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday in Seattle with Steve

Frankly just taking the day off with an old friend and colleague. Bear (Ursus Horibilus) and Steve Gallacci in Seward Park:

Douglas Fir windfall after the winter storms:

These stairs between blocks are a feature of all the Seattle neighborhoods built on steep hills. The blocks can be quite long, and going around by the regular sidewalks would take much longer.

That's me, in my second-hand pea jacket and the beret everybody wants to buy.

Next, we have the Taco Bus. These little mom-n-pop operations, serving tasty, inexpensive Mexican eats, have popped up around the Rainier area in the last several years. You can get a real Coke there -- with sugar -- instead of the toxic corn syrup that is turning America into the Land Of The Roly Pollies. The spicy pork and beef cheek tacos are to die for.


molly said...

beautiful woods. everything here is covered in many feet of snow; now i dream of seattle...

is there snow in clallum bay?

Rev. Sharon said...

OMG real Coke... I am SO jealous!

The pics are gorgeous... you still look great, Lady! :)