Sunday, December 28, 2008

"At Least The Internet's Not Frozen."

That was a throwaway comment on Twitter.

But it made me realize that it's made it possible for ALL of us to keep contact with each other, talking to each other, sharing the happy and the sad, the little triumphs, the moments of loss.

The costs of the internet and computers are going down, and compared to the costs of mail and travel -- well, there is no comparison.

So, here's today holiday report: Simba wasn't looking quite well on Friday, but it wasn't until Saturday we were finally able to see he had a blocked bladder. So, 50 miles to the only emergency weekend vet around here, in Port Angeles. He's fine, and is sitting at the clinic getting antibiotic drips, under observation.

Mz Blue, our blue 1989 Toyota pickup performed beautifully. Then, after shopping at the dollar store, I pull out on the highway and the clutch -- old and much abused in this bad weather -- just dies. But it was only a 1/4 mile from my favorite mechanic in PA. I managed to struggle her into 1st gear, and we crept along the turn lane and pulled in.

Monday, I'll get on the bus and by 11:00 -- which is when everybody wants me to call -- find out if I can pick up either tabby or truck. Going around Lake Crescent, it's going to be out of range of ANYTHING -- and Tracfone is the one phone that goes everywhere.

I even use my Tracfone to chat long distance, whether business or just to keep contact. I accidently put more on the phone than I thought, while using the internet, and wound up with over 1600 minutes, and a time renewal date of 2016. For less than $225. I know, it sounds like an ad. I'm not linking it, so it won't be so commercial.

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Miss Jane A. Barcroft said...

Big hugs to Simba. I've been through that godamighty "blocked cat" moment three times with Apricat, the Aged Lion of the Bath Mat. He finally had a gender reassignment to cure the problem. We always had kind of a feeling about him...