Monday, July 20, 2009

Fledgling Funnies

The barn swallows and house finches pumped out masses of kids this year. The fledglings are gathering between floppy baby flight (looking rather like autumn termites) on the neighbor's garage roof. People almost have to duck as the gangs of amateur flyers flip by.

Yesterday, when the adult swallows were desperately shoving food into crowds of peeping babies, the young finches piled into the mix, and started to beg and cheep.

They got fed. We don't know if the young swallows pulled the feed-me trick on the adult finches.

Very young bald eagle coming up the river couple of weeks ago ran into his first fast tailwind; could almost hear him/her yelling "WHOA!!!!" as the wind pushed him wildly right back into a gang of crows who did NOT want the predator gang in their neighborhood.

Two days ago, a young bald sat on a snag while a bunch of baby crows yelled at the big kid, not daring to get as close as their parents would have.

An adult eagle was sitting on a tree by the river, snapping at a crow as it swooped past his head. They looked more like they were amusing themselves than fighting. It was noplace near a nesting area.

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