Friday, July 24, 2009

Why I'm Not At The San Diego Comicon

1. Airline pressurization. I know why the babies scream during flight; if it hurts an adult like that, imagine what it's like for them while their little ear membranes are shredded.

2. Airline security. From what I've heard, I'd be closer to getting arrested. Or wearing a raincoat to the security line and when they ask me to take it off -- well, wearing nothing but one's social security number marker'd onto one's arm would probably be more bad taste than they could deal with. It would be fun on YouTube, though.

3. Pinched nerve; carrying stuff can lock this one down, and lose me up to 45% of function. I can't even drive like this; it's literally like being drunk. Not to mention blind with pain.

4. Stress attacks; I don't need to be in a hospital away from home going in insane circles by my emergency room bed, so I don't rip out my IV.

5. Virtual model becoming more and more successful, for example, the Desert Peach webcomic.

6. By building the virtual model, more people can take advantage of it; ultimately, this will again make available authors and artists who are distant, aging or ill.

7. Inside information says that the new virtual market is getting very close to working, and the more time I spend on it the more I will be ready when it hits.

8. I don't need anybody's autograph. We are all monkeys on this planet, with the same belly-buttons and toenails.

9. The closest connection I need to a movie star is through his or her work; the library will get just about any DVD I want, or I can get me some nice collections.

10. If the virtual panel ever gets off the ground, I can stay up all night at Comicon in my pajamas with my cats.


Splinter's Iroonna said...

I wish you had been there-- it's been a gazillion years since I've seen you, and it would have been nice. I mean, Larry Marder was in Artist's Alley, and it was almost like "old times".

On the other hand, the crowds, the rudeness of the Comic-con people (one whom I recognize from all these years-- he really hassled the Mirage Crew!!), and the Twilight hoards who pretty much ruined a lot of the convention by simply existing-- you were better off not being there.


Donna Barr said...

San Diego is fun, but I have work to do. Would have loved to see you and Larry, & everybody else. I DO attend Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, though -- local, and allows a lot of erranding. Keep the carbon footprint down.

I hope the Mirage clown was BUYING books? "This is a store, dude; we're not here to be hassled. Move on, or we call security."

Twilight: Forks WAS pretty pissed about all those kids in town, but it's convincing even the old loggers that TOURISM is where it's at, not clearcuts (the place looks like a cross between a bad part of LA, a trailer park, and the worst of the Arkansas forest industry). If Twilight gets it through their heads that trees make the most money if we LOOK at them and breathe the air, I say I'm all for it!

Lots of people stealing from the author -- labeling soap and shirts and stuff without paying licensing fees -- and not worried because they think they're so rural the Twilight people will not come get them. I'm now warning them that since Hollywood is involved, they may want to start thinking about the Eight Commandment.

Yes, the books are dumb, processed, genre books that got plugged into the Harry Potter machine -- but damnit, the worst author in the world deserves to make money off their own work!