Monday, February 4, 2013

WHO is that man, anyway?

EVERYBODY keeps saying Dr. Who ripped off Rosen in The Desert Peach, with a character named "Jack Harkness."

While I know my biggest fan base is my peers, the Pilot Who Shags Everybody And Everything has been around since - well, cavalry officers. BlackAdder has their own version in the World War One episodes. Red Dwarf has the alternate Rimmer. The Brits in particular do it well. Woof.

Even "The Mummy" had a mummy guard who did a neat flip with his spear before he put it to use, as Viktor MacLaughlin did with his rifle in "Gunga Din." Not only a professional soldier, but probably the hot guy in the squad.

Now, in my case, Rosen is based on a boyfriend I had in the army, who actually DID introduce himself with outspread arm wings as "Hi! It's me - Old Crash-and-Burn!" Who looked pretty much like Rosen (I go for guys who look like Dad, with the black hair and blue eyes. Oh, what? We like our own genes).

I've never watched more than a couple of episodes of the old Pertwee Dr. Who, and it didn't quite push my buttons. But one of my readers sent me a link to a funny Jack Harkness montage on YouTube.

It's pretty funny. You will giggle.

I dunno if I'll ever be a Dr. Who fan, but this makes me think it would be fun to see if the library has later versions of the series. The other actors are pretty funny, and the robot ladies are cool, in a retro Richard Lester way.


Anonymous said...

I just remembered David Belletoise in Voldemar Lestienne's Fracasso -- "darling Belou, the French pilot, the wife-seducer." It's an archetype for sure.

Donna Barr said...

The hot young pilot was probably originally a rider, and before that, a long-distance runner. And knew it.